Chain of infection

The CDC estimates that around 1.1 million adults and adolescents are living with HIV in the USA, including those not yet diagnosed, and including those who have already progressed to AIDS. There are many ways it could be transmitted. In this paper you will understand the impact of infectious diseases, the process of infection and how we as humans can reduce the spread of HIV and if medical asepsis plays a big enough role to stop the infection from spreading. Medical asepsis is techniques used to control and to reduce the spread of the pathogenic microorganisms for example, hand washing.

HIV is a group of viruses that infect and destroy cells of the immune system causing the marked reduction in their numbers that leads to a diagnosis of AIDS. It makes it harder for your body to fight infectious diseases. it can spread by sexual intercourse by the fluids, by an open wound, some people are born with it by the mother being infected, people who also inject them selves with needles for drugs/steroids and share is also a way to catch HIV. To protect yourself you are sexually active wear a condom, make sure it’s on correct that stops from any body fluids from being transmitted. Don’t share needles, if you’re getting a tattoo or body piercing make sure everything is clean and had not been used? Make sure you’re not infected and get tested.

There are many ways infections are spread. There all everyday objects we touch, for example floors, door knobs, dirty-laundry ect. They’re everywhere you could think of. Healthcare workers who deal with sick patients daily have a bigger risk of getting infected. Although you can’t see them there are bacteria, fungus, Virsus’s and so forth. They turn into infections when you have an open cut and don’t do anything to take care of it, Pathogens multiply and an infection is created. Many people don’t feel or look sick even if they are infected. They all spread from mostly not washing your hands correctly or even if your foods not cooked correctly.

Infections can happen when pathogens that are also known as microorganisms enter the body and cause you to get sick. First you must know how it spread in order to prevent it from spreading. The chain of infection is showing how the disease spread from one person to another; This is called the chain of infection. There are six links in the chain of infection. Link one is the infectious agent meaning the patient who has the virus/Bacteria and is causing it to spread. The Second link would be the reservoir, which means where the pathogens reproduce. The third link is portal of exit meaning how the pathogens spread/How they left the body. Could be by a simple handshake or a kiss on the cheek. The fourth link is mode of transmission meaning the way the bacteria was transferred from one person to another. The fifth link is portal of entry meaning an open wound or broken skin any opening allowing pathogens to multiply and make you sick/infected. Last is link six, which is the susceptible host meaning the person who has a lack of immunity would most likely catch the infection and worsen.

Infection control is realizing and decreasing the risks of infections spreading. The risk of catching HIV in health care hospitals and areas expanded in years for the staff and patients. When you work in the medical field and deal with patients, You must treat everyone as if they were infected because now in days you can’t tell who’s infected and who isn’t just by looking at someone. You should always keep in mind its a big responsibility working in the healthcare industry. its also good to always think clean and make sure to wash your hands correctly. Follow all instructions so you and your patient could be protected from catching anything.

HIV is something I never ever want to experience. it’s sad what people have to go through… at the risk of being human, having sex, being born HIV positive…. HIV to me is something no one should go threw but its part of life for some of us .life destroying. and something you can’t run away from. Although there are many ways to prevent from getting HIV people still just don’t get. I hope my paper helped you understand the role of how infections are created ect.




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