Demonstrate a methodical approach to solving problems; and· to design and develop algorithms using sequence.

1 SIT105 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving for IT Assignment 2 Trimester 2 2015 This assignment is to be completed individually. It is worth 15% of overall marks. It is due on or before 8.30 am Monday September 14 (Week 11). Objectives: There are several goals for the assignment: to demonstrate your understanding of some of the concepts behind programming;· to demonstrate a methodical approach to solving problems; and· to design and develop algorithms using sequence, selection and iterative constructs and· modularisation. Tasks: Carefully read all of the questions and provide solutions to all three questions.· Word process your solution. Include a completed assignment cover sheet as the first page of· your document and convert the whole document to .pdf Submit your assignment in the assignment submission tool available in Moodle (Week 11). Late· submissions will be penalised. Note: The assignment is marked out of 30 marks but is worth 15 marks i.e. 15% Your assignment will be assessed on how well your solutions have addressed the problem and· met the requirements, and on the overall “correctness” of your solutions. Use of appropriate constructs; appropriate messages/error messages; suitable formatting of output; and use of appropriate modularisation techniques are further assessment criteria. 1. Draw a defining diagram for the following problem statement. The first record of a set of records contains a bank account number and an opening balance. Each of the remaining records in the set contains the amount of a cheque drawn on that bank account. The last record contains a zero amount. Design a program that will read and print the bank account number and opening balance of the account. The following cheque amounts are to be read and printed on the report each with new running balance. Print a closing balance at the end of report. [5 marks] 2. Develop an algorithm for the following problem statement. Your solution should be pseudocode (with appropriate comments) and a desk check of the algorithm. A program is required that will read a file of student records, and select and print only the records of those students enrolled in SIT105. Each student record contains student id. number, family name, first name, unit code and mark. At the end of the report the total students enrolled in SIT105 should be printed as well as the number of students who passed the unit i.e. mark of 50 or more and those who failed i.e. mark < 50. The average mark of all students who enrolled in SIT105 should be printed also. [10 marks] 2 3. Develop an algorithm for the following problem statement using appropriate modularisation techniques. Your solution should contain a defining diagram, hierarchy chart and a pseudocode algorithm. This question requires you to understand some text and produce an algorithm using modularisation, cohesion and coupling techniques. Write an algorithm that will prompt for and accept an employee number, employee name, annual salary of the employee, employee’s retirement fund contribution and health insurance contribution. The program should perform the following validations: Employee number should be numeric and cannot be zero or negative.· Employee name cannot be blank· Annual salary cannot be less than $25,000/- and cannot be greater than $100,000/-· Employee’s retirement fund and health insurance contribution cannot be greater than 10% of· the employee’s salary. If the input does not meet the above criteria, the algorithm should print a proper error message and accept the inputs again. The algorithm should calculate the annual income tax due on that salary after deducting the retirement fund and health insurance contribution. Income tax is calculated according to the following table: Salary Income Tax Rate Up to $35,000 15% => $35,000 and < $50,000 20% => $50,000 and < $75,000 25% => $75,000 and < $100,000 30% The algorithm should repeat until the user enters 9999 for employee number. For each employee the algorithm should display all of the input fields as well as the net salary before tax and after tax. At the end of the program the total number of employees and the total of their net salaries should also be displayed.




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