Blog: How Do You Practice Intra- and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Practice?
You are the DNP-prepared nurse responsible for overseeing a large intensive care unit (ICU). You have noticed that in the last 3 months, the number of nosocomial, or hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), has dramatically increased among patients who have undergone cardiovascular procedures. You would like to initiate a practice study to determine the source of these HAIs and to improve patient outcomes in your ICU.

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What types of interdisciplinary collaboration might be needed to support the goals of your practice study?
As outlined in the scenario, the likelihood to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance healthcare delivery and nursing practice is high. In fact, it is likely that the DNP-prepared nurse in the scenario presented may need to collaborate with an infection prevention specialist (who may be a PhD-prepared nurse or PhD-credentialed healthcare professional). While this represents only one potential area in which interprofessional collaboration may take place in advanced nursing practice, it is important to keep in mind that when disciplines work together toward a shared goal that focuses on the patient, the quality and cost of care delivered will be optimized (Johnson & Johnson, 2016).
For this Blog Assignment, review the Learning Resources and reflect on strategies that may be used to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in nursing practice. Reflect on strategies and approaches you might recommend that support interdisciplinary collaboration in practice.
Johnson & Johnson. (2016). The importance of interprofessional collaboration in healthcare.
To prepare:
• Review the Henry et. al. (2018) article in this week’s Learning Resources about collaboration through case study design.
• Reflect on how the approach of case study design may apply toward fostering intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration in practice.
• Select at least one of the articles from this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on how professional collaboration is executed to address the needs described in the article.
• Reflect on your own experiences with intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration in your practice.
By Day 3 of Week 6
Post a response to your Blog describing your own experiences with intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration in your practice. What were the strengths and weaknesses of this collaboration? How might your own experiences mirror the perspectives and viewpoints presented in the Henry et al. (2018) case study design approach? Be specific and provide examples.




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