To promote awareness of healthy eating to People With Learning Disabilities (PWLD) using cooking class
(Please note, its okay to use PWLD instead of writing it full)
This innovation idea is proposed as PWLD are more likely to be severely overweight/obese or underweight than people in general population due to inability to understand and read healthy food messages thus dietary patterns that lack essential nutrients.

Assessment Brief- A 3000-word essay
Summative: Summative:
For this assignment you are required to explore how a service in your field of nursing could be led/managed/ improved or change in order to improve patient safety or/and outcomes. You will need to identify a particular service and have clear reasons for this service needing change/improvement. The first step in any change is to assess the current state of the service, then set out a plan to manage the change. Explore how that plan will be implemented, and critically the change/improvement
You will need to decide on your chosen strategy for change which will be based on theories related to change management / leadership / management, project management, evidence- based practice, research, current health care policies, clinical guidelines, reports, findings and recommendations. You will need to set your work against the background of the NHS, NHS policies and evidence-based practice

Module Learning Outcomes.

1.Demonstrate a critical awareness of current issues in healthcare practice and leadership.

2.Critically analyse and evaluate principles and theories of improvement methodologies and identify how these can be utilised to plan implementing change and service improvement

3.Critically evaluate the role of the nurse in leading, managing, and changing practice through innovation in order to improve patient / service user care

Assignment Guidelines – Essay Structure
1. Introduction (250 words).
Start by giving a short description of what the assignment entails and the key themes to be discussed. This section needs to explain in your own words what is required in the assignment brief given above. Your introduction also needs to outline how the essay is structured and articulate why your topic is of significance/importance in relation to patient safety or/and outcomes. You can use references to support your work. The introduction generally needs to answer these 3 questions:
a. What? The introduction needs to clearly explain what the essay is about. This section needs to explain in your own words what is required in the assignment brief given above.
b. How? The second part of the introduction needs to outline how the essay is structured.
c. Why? An introduction needs to articulate why the topic under consideration is of significance. You can use references here.

2. Context and Background (500 words)
1. Appraise current healthcare challenges in England or in the UK. You will need to clearly identify a gap in service in your field of nursing practice. (Session 1, LO1).

2. You will need to discuss the NHS and or other organisational policies, internal and external drivers for change, for example, reports, clinical guidelines, recommendations supporting change, innovation and improvement in your field of practice (Session 1, LO1).
3. Briefly discuss the change, innovation /improvement in service that is being
proposed. You need to clearly articulate the rationale for your service improvement using literature / research to support this. Identify how patients or/and service users will benefit from the proposed change (Session 2 and 3, LO2,3).

3. Discussion (2000 words)
1. Critically explore and appraise the leadership (Session 3, LO3) and change management strategies (Session 2, LO2) that will be used to implement the change (LO 1, 2). In discussing your strategy you need to evaluate the role of nurse leaders in leading, managing, and changing practice through innovation in order to improve patient / service user care in a variety of settings in your field of practice
2. Critically discuss your proposed delivery plan (Session 5) of change improvement / innovation to improve patient safety/outcomes in your field of practice (Session 5, LO 1,2, 3). You need to clearly evaluate the involvement of all stakeholders in then developing the plans for delivering change and innovation that focus on better outcomes for patients/clients.
3. Systematically appraise collaborative approaches to identifying risks and challenges, problem solving and decision-making in planning and implementing your proposed change in challenging, complex and dynamic health and social care systems such as the NHS (Session 4, 6) (LO 1, 2 3). You need to clearly identify potential barriers and how these will be managed using evidence -based approaches.
4. Discuss how you will evaluate and measure the success of your delivery/implementation plan and what further action plan might be required (Session 2, 3) (LO2, 3).
5. Critically reflect on how your learning has prepared you to be able to lead manage and improve patient services (Session 3, (LO3). You need to reflect on how your learning has prepared you to be able to lead, manage, and improve services in order to improve patient / service user outcomes and or safety in your field of practice

Conclusion (250 words)
1. Summary: Write a short concluding statement, which summarises the key
learning points that have emerged from the discussion.
2. Recommendations. Make recommendations on what needs to be done in light
of your findings and conclusions.
Appropriate referencing is an important element of academic writing. Ensure that you have used the most up to date UWL referencing guide available from the library. Please be aware that the referencing guide is regularly updated.
Please complete a SMART action plan to include in the appendices relating to the Leading and Innovating skills you have identified for development. (Session 3, (LO3).
Remember that appendices need to be fully referenced and need to be cited in the main body of your work. Appendices are not marked, but supplement the information discussed in the main body of the essay.

Writer Please
Kindly include this together with the guidelines uploaded on the file folder.
1. The NHS context
-Francis Report
-Keogh Report
-Berwick Report
-Winterbourne Report
2. Importance of clinical governance and its importance of improving the quality of NHS services
3.Models of change and root cause analysis. Apply change models to your innovation proposal. Talk more on Lewis model
4.Talk about leadership theories and styles. Talk more on Transformational leadership please
Kindly use this link to see what to do when completing a SMART action plan as requested on the essay guideline uploaded( check Under discussion, C section please)
Please be sure to fulfil all the 3 Learning Outcomes (LO) as outlined on the essay guidelines uploaded.




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