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Assignment: Sexual Attraction to Children

Assignment: Sexual Attraction to Children

# 1.1

(1 pts.) In the textbook case, what information led Dr. Tobin to conclude that Shaun Boyden’s sexual attraction to children was not a passing fancy? ‘

A) the fact that he reported having the urges since adolescence

B) the fact that his wife was unaware of his problem

C) the fact that he was never caught in the past

D) the fact that he had a relatively normal sexual development

# 1.2

(1 pts.) Charlie has opted to have psychosurgery performed in order to change his pedophilic patterns. Which of the following procedures will Charlie have done?

A) prefrontal lobotomy

B) hypothalamotomy

C) castration

D) vasectomy

# 1.3

(1 pts.) Dr. Walters is instructing Harry to imagine that he has just “flashed” his genitals at an unsuspecting woman on the street. After the woman responds in horror, Harry is to imagine that all of his closest friends jump out of a nearby alley and start laughing at him. Dr. Walters is using the technique known as

A) systematic desensitization.

B) cognitive restructuring.

C) covert conditioning.

D) behavior modification.

# 1.4

(1 pts.) Who is most likely to be the target of a frotteurist’s desires?

A) a person from work

B) a life-long friend

C) a shopper at the mall

D) a close relative

# 1.5

(1 pts.) Which of the following qualities is NOT implied by a diagnosis of transvestic fetishism?

A) male

B) sees self as male

C) heterosexual

D) homosexual

# 1.6

(1 pts.) Cheryl is seeking a sex change operation. It is most likely that a qualified surgeon would require her to

A) explore sexual relationships with both males and females.

B) get parental consent prior initiating the surgery.

C) live as a member of the opposite sex for a period prior to surgery.

D) pay for the surgical procedures well in advance.

# 1.7

(1 pts.) Dwayne is very interested in sex but his penis remains flaccid despite erotic stimulation. Dwayne has

A) sexual arousal disorder.

B) sexual aversion disorder.

C) male erectile disorder.

D) inhibited male orgasm disorder.

# 1.8

(1 pts.) A client is diagnosed with an erectile dysfunction. Based on the research presented in the text, which of the following statements best describes the likely cause of his condition?

A) It is most likely that his difficulty is due to physical problems.

B) It is most likely that his difficulty is due to psychological problems.

C) There is about a 50-50 chance that his problems are due to either physical or psychological factors.

D) There is a strong chance that his difficulties are due to neurological problems.

# 1.9

(1 pts.) Based on the information presented in the textbook case, Shaun Boyden might be considered a ______ since he had a normal history of sexual development and interests.

A) child rapist

B) preference molester

C) situational molester

D) generalized molester

# 1.10

(1 pts.) Wendy has just purchased a vibrator in order to enhance her sexual arousal when she makes love to her husband. Which of the following statements best describes this situation?

A) Wendy would be considered a fetishist.

B) Wendy’s husband might be diagnosed with erectile disorder.

C) Wendy might be diagnosed with hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

D) Wendy’s behavior would not necessarily be considered fetishistic.

# 1.11

(1 pts.) While making love Harry feels a strong need to be dominant and often subjects his lovers to harsh physical treatment. This is the only way Harry can achieve sexual gratification. Harry might be diagnosed as having

A) sexual sadism.

B) sexual masochism.

C) frotteurism.

D) fetishism.

# 1.12

(1 pts.) Joe becomes sexually aroused when he views sexually explicit photographs. He also gets really turned on when his lover undresses in front of him. Joe’s behavior might be described as

A) fetishistic.

B) frotteuristic.

C) voyeuristic.

D) normal.

# 1.13

(1 pts.) Katie is not interested in sexual activity and reports no desire for it, nor does she fantasize about having sex. Katie might be diagnosed as having

A) hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

B) sexual arousal disorder.

C) inhibited female orgasm disorder.

D) sexual aversion disorder.

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