Discussion question:
Why do you believe professional RNs are still completing so many non nursing tasks?

Directions for response to peer:
Peer responses should add something new to the discussion. Do not just say “good posting” or make nonspecific suggestions/comments. Ask questions to further clarify the discussion at hand.

Peer Discussion #1:
I believe so many professional RNs or Nurses are still completing so many non-nursing tasks because they know as a Nurse that we are all one team. I am speaking for myself being a LPN I do whatever it takes to make sure our patients are getting the care that they deserve by meeting all their needs at hand to help them , being their advocate the voice for our patients because when it comes to caring for patient, we are all one team, we all need one another to give each patient the care that they need. Secondly, Professional RNs or Nurses we don’t want to burn out our non-nurses and by helping with non-nursing task it will assist with keeping a happy and functional shift that will continue to work together to make sure each patient is getting the optimal care they need and deserve from the staff. Lastly, when taking on tasks for my department I put myself in the equation what if I was the patient , how would I want my nurse to be towards me. How would I want my nurse to respond in certain situations even though it may not be an RN task? When we as nurses come to realization why we became a nurse completing non-nursing tasks will become second nature.

Peer Discussion #2:
It is always better for nursing to know the nonnursing tasks because some places do not have UAP to work. There are many reasons for that. The facility can be very cheap and do not want to spend too much money, or they are under budget. This is the reason clinical is important for nursing students to learn nonnursing tasks in case they find themselves in that situation. However, some facilities have RN, LPN, and UAPs, but the RN still do the nonnursing tasks for many reasons. They can be short of staff, or the UAP can be busy with another patient. One there is one thing in common in nursing, we all work for the profit of the client. We know each of us has our own duty, but we can help each other to give outstanding care to the patient.




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