The following is the purposes of this assignment: Local Hospital is St. Elizabeth Health Care in Northern Kentucky

Discuss the roles and responsibilities of a Nursing Quality Expert in a selected healthcare organization.
Review the organization’s mission, vision, values, and beliefs. Explain how these align with national standards for quality.
Collaborate with Nursing Quality Expert to evaluate the outcomes of a new practice guideline and steps to implement changes.
Discuss the Nursing Quality Expert’s strategic plan as it relates to The Institute of Medicine’s Quality initiatives and ONE of the following core competencies.
1) Employ evidence-based practice

2) Apply quality improvement

3) Utilize informatics

This assignment facilitates the achievement of the following SLOs:

SLO 1: Describe current nursing and healthcare quality and safety measures.

SLO 2: Identify national agencies responsible for quality measures.

SLO 3: Compare publicly reported quality measures for varied healthcare agencies.

SLO 4: Discuss the potential and actual impact of patient safety initiatives and regulations.


Select your interviewee, schedule and conduct an interview. This individual must be a Registered Nurse employed in a leadership role as a Nursing Quality Expert. Job titles of RNs who may be considered include, but are not limited to: Quality Care Coordinator, Performance Improvement Officer/Coordinator, Director of Quality Assessment, Compliance Officer, Safety Director, Regulatory Officer/Director, Risk Management Officer. If you have any concerns about whether the RN is “suitable” for this assignment, contact your faculty BEFORE you schedule and conduct the interview.
Review all areas on the Interview Form PRIOR to conducting the interview. You may print the form and take it with you to the interview. However, you may not give it to the individual and ask him or her to complete it and return it to you.
Prior to conducting interview, review two scholarly resources related to ONE aforementioned core competencies upon which you plan to focus. These resources should guide your interview process and understanding of the Nursing Quality Expert’s role and responsibilities as it relates to the selected core competency.
Prior to interview, review the organization’s mission, vision, values and beliefs.
Note that practice impact must be addressed by YOU and is a very important criterion.
Conduct the interview. The length of your interview will vary but should not exceed one hour.
Take the interview information and create a paper to submit where you will explain all of the information you gathered.




Signature Assignment – Current EBP – Acute Health Problem
Points: 165
Assignment Prompt
Select a client from primary care clinical experience with an acute health problem or complaint requiring at least two visits. Submit a complete History & Physical from the initial visit SOAP note with this client and a focused SOAP note for the follow-up visit after symptom improvement. Based on this client’s condition, conduct a literature search for two research articles that discuss various approaches to the treatment of this condition. Peer-reviewed articles must address the standardized procedure or guidelines for this diagnosis. Incorporate the research findings into the decision-making for this client’s treatment. In the paper, compare and contrast or address how treatment or the plan may have been different based on the research findings. The discussion on relating research to practice should be 3-4 pages and the total paper should be no longer than 10 pages including references. The research articles must be original research contribution (no review articles or meta-analysis) and must have been published within the last five years -October 2017 or later. Cover the criteria listed below. The paper should be APA 7 formatted and no longer than 10 pages – maximum.
Reviews topic and explains the rationale for its selection in the context of client care. (2 pts)
Evaluates key concepts related to the topic. 2 pts)
Describes multiple viewpoints if this is a controversial issue or one for which there are no clear guidelines. (2 pts)
Assesses the merit of evidence found on this topic i.e. soundness of research (5pts)
Evaluate current Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Guidelines, if available. Or, recommends what these guidelines should be based on available research. Discuss the Standardized Procedure for this diagnosis. (5 pts)
Discuss how the evidence did impact/would impact practice. What should be done differently based on the knowledge gained? (3 pts)
Consider cultural, spiritual, and socioeconomic issues as applicable. (2pts).
Utilizes APA 7 guidelines, cite references (2 pts)
The writing style at the graduate level (2pts)
At least 10 references, October 1017 or later
Length: no longer than 10 pages, excluding references
Format: APA 7 Formatted
Research: In-text citations required
Topics to choose from
1. Clinical Depression
2. Schizophrenia
3. Asthma
4. Type I DM
5. Type II DM
6. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
7. Chlamydial infection
8. Heart Failure
9. Iron Deficiency Anemia
10. Gout
You may use for clinical [practice latest guidelines




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