In this assignment, you will synthesize information from the 12 published works that you critically appraised in your Evidence Table. You will synthesize this evidence base as a whole (not individually) and from this synthesis, you will present a recommendation for clinical practice.
<Your Title Page for NUR Assignment 13.1: Synthesis of Evidence>
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Introduction ((No Heading) left margin, paragraph first line indented, no extra space below Title). A general introduction to the topic you will be discussing. Guide the reader to what they are going to see presented in this paper. It may be centered around the situation.
<Level 1 Heading>
Use paragraph formatting to discuss these the material in these bullet points:
• What is the clinical practice issue/problem?
• Background—Why did you identify this as an issue/problem?
• Significance—What is the significance of this problem to nursing practice? Note that a citation is required to support your stance on the significance.
<Level 1 Heading>
Include the following in the body of your paper. Use paragraph formatting and create a formal paper to discuss this bullet point:
• In PICO(T)format, what is the clinical practice question? Identify the independent and dependent variables.
Organizational Readiness (Level 2 Heading)
In the next sections, discuss your perception of your institution’s readiness to implement EBP.
• What are your institution’s strengths?
• How might these barriers be overcome?
• Which model might be most helpful to you in the implementation phase?
Evidence (Level 1 Heading)
Search Process (Level 2 Heading)
• Discuss the search process that you used to find current evidence. Include: databases, keywords, limits (language, years, research et al.), total # of studies found, total # of studies reviewed
Appraisal of evidence (Level 3 heading)
Summarize the yield of your search process, including the levels of evidence, and quality of evidence.
Synthesis of the Evidence (Level 2 Heading)
In the following sections you are to synthesize the critical appraisal of the evidence presented in your quality studies.
• How many of the studies are supportive, how many do not support this proposed change in practice?
Compare (Level 3 heading)
Think of this as the intro to your themes.
• What do the studies say that is similar?
<Theme Name> (Level 3 Heading) One heading for each theme. Repeat this heading PRN.
• Discuss how the evidence support theme(s).
Contrast (Level 3 heading).
• Do any of the studies disagree or have dissimilar outcomes?
• What does one study add to the evidence that is unique?
Strengths and Limitations (Level 2 Heading)
• What are the strengths and limitations of your evidence?
Conclusion (Level 1 Heading)
• How do these studies together answer the research question?
• How could this evidence impact a change in practice?
• Proposed change.
• Recommendations: include leadership strategies to implement change and impact on practice. Describe any further investigation that might be needed before change is implemented.
<page break>
Use hanging paragraph format, double spaced, with no extra lines

B. Evidence Evaluation Table (EET)
Submit your completed evidence table with at least 12 published works (within last 5 years unless considered a classic). Do not use secondary references.

• Use APA (7th ed.) format; grammar/spelling/references/citations
• Use quotation marks and page numbers in the table as needed.
• If using bibliography software for references and citations, convert the text to static text before submission.
• You may submit your assignment to Turnitin before its due date once to assess your work against Turnitin’s database. You may use the Similarity Report results to address any originality concerns in your work and then resubmit your assignment for grading. You may resubmit only once until the assignment due date. Any work that has been submitted at the time the assignment is due will be considered your final submission, and this will be the submission used for grading.
Introduction & Background
Meets Expectations

General introduction
What is the clinical practice issue/problem?
Why did you identify this as an issue/problem?
What is the significance of this problem to nursing practice? With supporting citation.
Gives a clear and concise explanation of the clinical issue/problem; discusses why it was identified as an issue/problem; clearly discusses the significance to nursing practice. Gives strong support to stance.

Clinical practice question written in PICO(T) format. Identify the outcome/dependent variable
Research question written succinctly in PICO(T) format; dependent variable identified correctly.

Discuss your perception of your institution’s readiness to implement EBP. Institution’s strengths? and what barriers exist?
How might these barriers be overcome? Which implementation model will best assist?
Institution’s readiness to implement EBP clearly and concisely explained along with strengths, barriers, and methods to overcome barriers. Includes implementation model.

Describe the search.
Include databases, keywords, limits (language, years, research, peer reviewed, et al.), total # of studies found, and total # of studies reviewed, and how you determined which studies to review of those found(a minimum of 12 published works (research studies or practice guidelines)
Types and levels of evidence.
Search strategy thoroughly described; search results thoroughly explained; at least 12 research studies included.
Presents types and levels of published works.
Note: Rubric Continues on the Next Page

Synthesis of at least 12 published works.
What do studies say that is similar? Describe the themes presented
Do any of the studies disagree or have dissimilar outcomes?
Gives a thorough and conclusive synthesis of the evidence by presenting themes, comparing, and contrasting the 12 published works.

Strengths and limitations of the evidence.
Clearly and concisely identifies strengths and limitations.

(Level 1 Heading)
Strengths and limitations; answer to the research question; impact on practice (proposed change, recommendations); further investigation needed
Clearly and concisely identifies strengths and limitations; answers PICO(T) question; gives a clear and complete description of impact on practice that flows logically from the summary of evidence presented; gives thorough explanation of further investigation needed.

Evidence Evaluation Table:
12 research studies; complete and correct information
Includes 12 research studies; thoroughly evaluated and summarized; complete information provided.

APA format and style; grammar; spelling; punctuation; citations and references list
No errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation or APA format or style




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