Actions that promote the health behavior

In the Department of Health’s publication Healthy Ireland-Changing Cardiovascular Health National Cardiovascular Health Policy 2010-2019 Recommendations 3.1
-“The department of health and Children should prioritize actions that promote the health behaviour profiles underpinning cardiovascular health, with specific targets to actively pursue and achieve within a 10-year period”
– It is now just past halfway on the timeline for this policy, considering your area of nursing which is MENTAL HEALTH and using relevant literature consider this recommendations progress on its implementation.
NOTE TOPIC: Health Promotion in Cardiovascular Health. Use Refraining from or Quitting smoking as one of the Priorities. Critically analyse cardiovascular health of healthy Ireland(people with mental health)
Guideline to Follow:
1. Introduction: Brief background of topic, outline of what is in the essay, definition of Health and Cardiovascular health. You should do the main body before introduction to give you what to write in introduction.
2. Main body
-Organisation and structure: clear structure and organisation of content in accordance with assignment guide lines. Excellent citing and referencing.
Demonstrate evidence of wide reading, all content accurate and relevant.
Comprehension: Excellent Interpretation of knowlegde in the relevant topic area. excellent use of quality sources/key references
Application: Demonstrate excellent ability to apply theoritical/clinical knowledge of practice in mental health. Link theory and practice.
Analyses and synthesis: excellent ability to analyse and synthesis the dorminant theories/views on the appropriate issues. Appropriate ability to articulate critical thinking supported by relevant research/literature. Points/arguments made should be supported by relevant references.
Evaluation: Excellent ability to identify strenghts and weakness within the topic area and clearly articulate .
Conclusion: Summary of arguments, re-re-re-restatemments of main point presented in the introduction. Should not have new information contain in it . But should include conclusion and include possible implications/ recommendations.
Referencing are not included in the word count. strictly havard references. All arguments/points should be referenced, ideally primary references rather than secondary references.All references must be include in reference list.
write with paragraph topics
-Smoking in Ireland
-Health consequence of smoking on the cardiovascular health
-policies on Tobacco.
NOTE: please kindly use these resources and other articles in Ireland.
1) Department of health publication Healthy Ireland- Changing Cardiovascular Health National Cardiovascular Health Policy 2010-2019 Recommendation 3.1 and 3.8
2) Cardiovascular policy monitoring group (Chap. 8)
3) Mid-Term Evaluation of the EU Health Strategy 2008-2013
4) The Health Promotion Strategic Framework 2011 (Ireland)
5) A Framework for improved Health and Well being 2013-2025- Healthy Ireland
Health Care Quality Indicators in the Irish Health System.
6)Department of Health and Children 2000. Tobacco free society. Dublin: Department of Health and children.
7)Health Service Executive 2012 Tobacco free campus policy.
NOTE: please help me to avoid similarities. Please paraphrase and check for simillarities as the assignment submission is through turnitin please very important.
If there is any information I will communicate it to you through message or if there is any thing you are not sure of please send me message.
NOTE: please adhere to the guideline and make use of the list of the materials I gave you because my lecturer want most of the reference to be from there and other relevant articles in Ireland.
Thank you.




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