LESSON: Choosing your board review course
DISCUSSION 12.2: Board Review

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
• identifying a boards review

Discussion Guidelines
Initial Post
For your initial post, answer the following questions:
1. Identify at least two FNP Board Reviews for which you would schedule yourself.
2. For your initial response, answer the following questions:
o Why did you select them?
o How much do they cost?
o How far will you have to travel?
o Which of the two selected is your final choice?

NOTE TO WRITER: I did do a draft of the discussion below so you can see which review courses I will be using but I want to make sure the grammar, citations, and references are perfect so I can get all the points. So change it up and add as much as possible. THANK YOU.

NOTE TO WRITER: 3 Choices I considered are online (convenient) includes 1. the Fitzgerald Board review course(was included in our tuition with access for several months after graduation), 2. Sarah Michelle Board Review course (comprehensive review, pharmacology, and diagnosis for $319/monthly payment plan) and lastly 3. FNP certification intensive review by Maria T. Codina Leik, for $79.00 on Amazon.
-The benefit of online NP review courses is flexibility

Sarah Michelle board review, the fitzgerald board review and the FNP certification intensive review by Maria T. Codina Leik are three board review courses I am going to be utilizing in preparation for my upcoming certification exam. Sarah Michelle review board review course has a comprehensive review, pharmacology, and diagnoses for $319/month plan which is the option I have decided to go for (Sarah Mitchell FNP Review Course, n.d.). I have also chosen to continue using Fitzgerald board review because it was purchased through our tuition this semester and we will have access to it for a few months after graduation. The last study resource that I will be supplementing with my Sarah Michelle and Fitzgerald board review courses is the FNP certification intensive review by Maria T. Codina Leik which cost $79.00 on amazon.
My decision to choose these three board review courses where heavily influenced by sticking with a study plan that is self-paced and virtual. The goal is to not waste time traveling long distance to a class but have lots of time reviewing all my weak areas, practicing questions, and taking mock exams. The Sarah Michelle and Fitzgerald board reviews are ideal for me because both offer recorded sessions, online sessions, and practice questions to help strengthen my review (Fitzgerald, 2024; SM NP Reviews, n.d.). The FNP certification intensive review by Maria T. Codina Leik provides access to many practice questions, and full-length exams online (Leik, 2024).
Overall, I will be suing all three board review resources as mentioned above but Sarah Michelle’s board review is what I will be using to study for the most part. Sarah Michelle board review is my top choice because of it’s extensive crash course, diagnoses in-depth review course, and pharmacology in-depth review course proven to help with a successful board certification examp preparation.

Fitzgerald. (2024). Family NP certification review. to an external site.
Leik, C. T. M. (2024). FNP certification intensive review. Springer Publishing Company, LLC.
Sarah Mitchell FNP Review Course. (n.d.). Self-Paced courses for nurse practitioners. SM NP Reviews. A Blueprint Prep Company. to an external site.

Criteria Expectations
Content Follows directions, answers all questions thoroughly and appropriately; provides examples from personal experience where appropriate/ applicable.

Grasp of significance Projects knowledge and understanding of the significance of the assignment to professional development as an APN.
Evidence and documentation Provides thorough explanation of rationales and skillfully selects resources to substantiate conclusions.
Terminology Uses appropriate terminology correctly throughout.
Structure and mechanics Contains no spelling or grammatical errors No APA errors.




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