Boykin and Schoenhofer’s theory of nursing

NOTE: An abstract is not required
NOTE: This is a template and guide. Delete all highlighted materials.

(Introduction – not labeled ‘Introduction’) Introduce the theory and identify the appropriate paradigm (if applicable) that it represents. Provide your rationale for selecting the theory, and provide the purpose of the paper and a preview of what the paper will include.
Description of the Theory
Remember to use the MEAL plan to organize your paragraphs. Start with your Main point and follow with Evidence, Analysis and Links.
Introductory paragraph
Purpose of Theory
Theories are created to explain observations and may later be tested through research. What is the specific purpose of your chosen theory?
Concepts and Definitions
Identify the major concepts of the theory and define these concepts as they are defined in the context of the theory.
Relationships and Structure
Describe how the concepts in the theory are related, tied together. Provide an example from the theorist’s work to support your assertions. Do the theorist’s statements of relationship build upon existing scientific knowledge?
Major Theory Assumptions
What are the major assumptions of the theory and how do they relate to nursing’s metaparadigm? Remember to illustrate with examples from the theorist’s work that support your assertions.
Critical Reflection
A critical reflection is your analysis and evaluation of the theory. So, from your point of view and expertise, briefly critique the following elements and provide examples from the theorist’s work that support your analysis.
Introductory paragraph
Is the theory clearly understood? Can the theory be easily diagrammed to show the relationships between concepts?
Is the theory simple or complex? Can it be described in simple terms?
Can the theory be applied broadly?
Is the theory empirically based? Has the theory been tested?
What is the clinical significance or practical value of the theory?
Strengths and Limitations
Discuss the strengths and limitations of the theory (empiric and aesthetic) and how easy it is to apply the theory in practical terms to the practice of nursing.
Application to Practice
Describe a problem that you are considering for a potential DNP project (Blood specimen labeling error) and describe why it is of interest to you.
Discuss the way in which the theory applies to your identified topic (blood specimen labeling error.
Describe how the selected theory would be useful for the identified problem (Blood specimen labeling error). Provide examples of how you could apply your selected theory.
Identify the main ideas and major conclusions from the body of your manuscript. Do not add new information in the conclusion. Summarize the benefits of the selected theory for an eventual DNP Project.
References (centered, not bold)
Type your references in alphabetical order here using hanging indents (under “Paragraph” on the toolbar ribbon). See your APA Manual and the resources in the APA folder in Course Resources under Course Home for reference formatting.




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