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Policy making is not typically something heard in the nursing field often. However, it is essential in creating the best working conditions to provide excellent patient care and pave the way for a brighter future in healthcare. One consideration registered nurses and advanced practice nurses can consider in participating in policymaking is simply taking the first step to contact state lawmakers. Bringing an issue to legislation from a direct point of view from healthcare workers could make a lasting impact. Start the relationship by calling or writing to the legislators who work on healthcare bills (Morris, 2023).

To take this step further, a nurse/APRN could conduct or find evidence-based research supporting their cause or issue. When contacting the lawmakers, attach the recent studies for review and consideration (Morris, 2023). Barriers to these methods of involvement is lack of support/mentorship from peers/management or insufficient resources (Hajizadeh et al., 2021). However, it is important for nurses to be involved in legislation due to the knowledge, skills and experience held. Nurses have the power to stand together and enact positive change to the future of healthcare for both patients and healthcare workers. Emphasizing this fact to management and one’s peers can begin the change.

A strategy one may consider while advocating for these changes is creating a committee or board within a workplace. This could be a policy or advocacy committee where current policies are introduced and discussed to spread awareness on how legislation affects nursing and patient outcomes. Another strategy to use could be joining a professional nursing organization like the American Nurses Association or a specific one for your field of interest like the Emergency Nurses Association. Becoming a part of these organizations offers insight from a community of nurses with similar goals and interests. This can promote further conversation in the workplace about individual advocacy efforts and how it can positively affect the nursing profession (Goodyear, 2022).


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