Preparing the Assignment
Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.

Read the case study below and answer the questions in your initial post.

Kristin is a 26-year-old client who presents to the outpatient clinic with complaints of "not liking myself." She states she frequently feels angry without provocation and cries often. She has lost 10 lbs. in the past month and states she has no appetite. Kristin reports nightly sleep difficulty, both falling and staying asleep. Her mind just can’t seem to relax enough so she can sleep. She has tried melatonin and the Calm app mindfulness techniques; they help some nights but not always. She endorses having difficulty focusing for long periods, and she has missed several days of work within the past month due to her symptoms. No hallucinations or delusions are voiced. She states "The only thing that makes me feel better is shopping online. I love getting packages every day." She is not experiencing financial issues from online shopping, but she has depleted her savings account. She reports that when she is not sad, she loves crafting and sometimes has days where she can craft "all day and all night." The crafting can last for 3-4 days in a row. She denies thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Past Psychiatric History 

self-reported "panic attacks" including shortness of breath and nausea; no formal psychiatric diagnosis, no treatment
Past Medical History 

no medical or surgical history 
no known allergies 
Social history 

no alcohol use 
vapes nicotine daily
no illicit drug use 
single, not in a relationship currently, prefers male partners.
lives with two roommates
educational level: bachelor’s degree 
employment: employed full time as a technical writer, works from home 
hobbies: crochet and papercrafts
Family history 

mother: alive, 55, no medical history, psychiatric history of depression  
father: alive, 57, history of type 2 DM, no psychiatric history 
siblings: only child 

no prescription medications 
Mental Status Examination

Casual attire, well-groomed, no motor abnormalities. Cooperative, good eye contact. Alert and oriented x 3. Speech is clear, normal rate and volume. Mood is depressed, irritable, and angry. Affect is appropriate, congruent to mood. Does not appear to respond to external stimuli. Memory grossly intact, fair concentration and attention. Thought processes are coherent with average intellectual functioning. Thought processes appear organized and content is appropriate to subject. Denies suicidality or homicidality. Insight and judgment are fair.

Application of Knowledge: The student post demonstrates the application of knowledge.
Select an appropriate screening tool for Kristin and provide a score for the tool.
Provide a rationale for the screening tool you selected.
Determine the most likely diagnosis for Kristin based on the available information.
Provide the ICD-10-CM code for the selected diagnosis
Provide a treatment plan with rationale for each plan step.
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