CSS departments

Question 1

Clinical support services are diverse in any modern healthcare facility, but they all share some common elements from a management perspective. Select any one of the CSS departments of interest to yourself, and provide examples of performance measures that you would use in managing the service. Be sure to address all seven dimensions of performance for your department.

Question 2

The stated purpose of the nursing profession is to “deliver excellent care to each patient through the management of resources and to maintain a professional work environment to ensure competence and satisfaction.” In managing nursing services as a CNO, COO, or CEO, how would you measure the performance of your nursing department toward meeting this purpose? List specific dimensions and provide specific examples for the type of healthcare facility that you would like to manage (hospital, clinic, long-term care, home care, or other).

Question 3



what did you learn from this article about nursing recruitment and retention? How would you use this information as CEO, COO, CNO, or senior manager in creating your own nursing recruitment and retention plan?

Question 4

The “Age Wave” is a huge problem facing American CEOs and senior managers right now. The American population over age 65 will grow from its current level of 34.6 million people to approximately 82 million people in 2050 – a 137% increase. The most rapid surge in senior population will take place between 2011 and 2030. During that 19 year interval, seniors will expand from 13% of our population to 22% of our population (Source: U.S. Census Bureau).

The surge in healthcare demand, which must be anticipated as the baby boomers age over the next several decades, will severely tax our nation’s medical resources. Most pressing will be the shortage of manpower. Physicians, nurses, and clinical support personnel will all be in high demand and in short supply over the next 30 years, so competition for their services will be fierce.
How will make your own hospital or clinic successful in recruiting and retaining medical personnel as the Age Wave hits America? Provide specific strategies that you will utilize for this purpose.

BHA 3002 Unit IV: Physicians and Nurses
BHA3002 Unit IV: Physicians and Nurses

BHA/3002 Unit IV: Physicians and Nurses




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