Comparing liberal education to the science of Nursing

Introduction: The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply theories
and concepts from liberal education to build an understanding of the human experience as it relates to
the care of diverse populations in the science of nursing. In order to so this I would like you to
select a movie, an art piece, or a piece of literature and write about how you believe this applies to
nursing. How does the knowledge or experience you gained shed light on the nursing profession and what
it means to be a nurse.

This assignment is also designed to develop your ability to write and express your thinking in a
critical manner. To accomplish this assignment, please follow these guidelines. An evaluation rubric is
included. Use this as an additional guide to ensure that you have met all criteria.
1. Make your selection in the area of liberal arts. (this includes the disciplines of sociology,
psychology, art, history, theology, literature, philosophy). For example; you may choose to watch the
movie: And the Band Played On. This is a compelling drama about the AIDS epidemic. Another movie that
is powerful is WIT. There is also the Art in Nursing exhibition in the Gato Gallery which reflects a
photographers view of nursing. Regardless of the medium you select, reflect on how this relates to your
chosen profession.
2. Write an outline to follow. Here are the general categories to help you organize your thoughts:
a. General introduction of the individual and the area of interest or particular accomplishment that
you plan to discuss
b. The purpose of the paper, clearly state what you intent to accomplish through this paper
c. The body of the paper (middle) includes:
i. Major points you want to make about You reflection of the impact of this on your perception of
nursing particularly new ideas related to your role as a nurse. Discuss how this experience may help
you as a nurse care for diverse groups.
d. The conclusion: A summary of your main points
(one test to use as to whether you have written a good paper is the so what test…so what are you trying
to communicate, so what is it about this topic that is important to a nurse…I want to learn something
new and know that you did too).
3. Writing is an important skill. You cannot wait until the night before and write a solid paper. This
is a short paper so it is critical that you organize your thinking in order to clearly make your point.
You must read and digest what you have read. Then write a detailed outline. The next step is to write
the first draft, leave it for a day or two and then go back and re-read it to make corrections. After
doing so, you are on to your second draft. Repeat this process until you are pleased and proud of your
4. The Learning Center is available to help with grammar, spelling and the organization of you paper.
It is always good to have someone read your paper as they can pick up errors which you might not see.
You are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from the Learning Center.
5. You must use APA format. I strongly urge you to purchase the APA text since you will need it
throughout the entire nursing program. However, if you do not have an APA text you can Google APA
format and there are many websites that will be helpful to you.
6. Make sure that you include
a. A title page
b. A running head
c. Page numbers
d. Citations in the body of your paper to avoid plagiarism
e. A reference list, one of which should be your text.




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