Critique of the utility of the family nursing model (applicability, feasibility) how does the model fit with the family assessment

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Evaluation Criteria for Family Assessment and Intervention Paper
1. Statement of aspects and major concepts of the family nursing theory guiding the assessment Use the ABCX model of family stress Hills (more emphasis into this model) 2 pg
And Family health promotion model-coping realm( you can find it in Nursing Journals- The family coped with this event by communicating about their uncertainty of living situation, reassurance from Liala to her children that they will find a place to live.- This can 1 pg
2. Student’s statement of understanding of how these aspects and concepts are related in the family health experience (10 points)-
3. Introduction to the identified family and family illness, experience (including a genogram and ecomap); Include the family genogram and ecomap for the family
as an appendix to the paper – This is the 5 pg that I attached that needs revision( 3&4)
4. Summarized family data; including a summary of the most important findings from the interview such as themes and specific data supporting the analysis

5. Identification and implementation of three priority family interventions/strategies for partnership practice with rationale for their use; base rationale on and reference peer- reviewed literature (10 points) Approx 1 pg of family interventions

Family Interventions:
1. Eating one meal together as a family-
2. Involving children in after school extracellular activities.
3. Re-evaluating Munira’s feelings and experience regarding the depression- Elaborate the importance of re-evaluating depression symptoms and cultural barriers that can hinder the subtle depression symptoms
– If you could find 2 research article that support intervention 1&2

6. Critique of the utility of the family nursing model (applicability, feasibility) how does the model fit with the family assessment

9. Fluent expression; Correct use of grammar, syntax, and spelling; Professional/scholarly word use; APA format utilized; Includes references from 3 appropriate sources if used to illustrate ideas and concepts in the paper (10 points)

Approx 1 pg of Introduction- The importance of family interview, allowing the family to share their own experience. I will attach articles that talk about the importance of therapeutic communication and commending family and individual strengths.
Approx 1 pg of family interventions




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