To complete this assignment:
1. Review the performance dashboard metrics in the Dashboard and Health Care Benchmark Evaluation media simulation, as well as relevant local, state, and federal laws and policies. Consider the metrics that are falling short of the prescribed benchmarks. Note: The writing you do as part of the simulation could serve as a starting point to build upon for this assignment.

2. Write a report for a senior leader that communicates your evaluation of current organizational or interprofessional team performance, with respect to prescribed benchmarks set forth by government laws and policies at the local, state, and federal levels. In addition, advocate for ethical and sustainable action to address benchmark underperformance and explain the potential for improving the overall quality of care and performance, as reflected on the performance dashboard.

3. Make sure your report meets the Report Requirements listed below. Structure it so that it will be easy for a colleague or supervisor to locate the information they need and be sure to cite the relevant health care policies or laws when evaluating metric performance against established benchmarks.
Evaluate dashboard metrics associated with benchmarks set forth by local, state, or federal health care laws or policies.
o Which metrics are not meeting the benchmark for the organization?
o What are the local, state, or federal health care policies or laws that establish these benchmarks?
o What conclusions can you draw from your evaluation?
o Are there any unknowns, missing information, unanswered questions, or areas of uncertainty where additional information could improve your evaluation?

• Analyze the consequence(s) of not meeting prescribed benchmarks and the impact this has on health care organizations or teams.
o Consider the following examples:
 Organizational mission and vision.
 Resources.
 Staffing.
 Financial: Operational and capital funding.
 Logistical considerations: Physical space.
 Support services (any ancillary department that gives support to a specific care unit in the organization, such as pharmacy, cleaning services, dietary, et cetera).
 Cultural diversity in the community.
 Staff skills.
 Procedures and processes.
o Address the following:
 What are the challenges that may potentially contribute to benchmark underperformance?
 What assumptions underlie your conclusions?

• Evaluate a benchmark underperformance in a heath care organization or interprofessional team that has the potential for greatly improving overall quality or performance.
o Focus on the benchmark you chose to target for improvement. Which metric is underperforming its benchmark by the greatest degree?
o State the benchmark underperformance that is the most widespread throughout the organization or interprofessional team.
o State the benchmark that affects the greatest number of patients.
o Include how this underperformance will affect the community that the organization serves.
o Include the greatest opportunity to improve the overall quality of care or performance of the organization or interpersonal team and, ultimately, to improve patient outcomes, as you think about the issue and the current poor benchmark outcomes.




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