Demonstrate political advocacy and activism in nursing and health care.
Participate in an advocacy activity, either in the workplace through policy development, or in the community.

Consider the roles of nurses in the advocacy process, and the roles of other professionals and health care consumers.
Consider how political activism/advocacy is carried out in our professional roles and responsibilities.

Submission of Assignments

Written assignments are to be prepared as Word documents. Submit your assignment in the corresponding assignment tab in the blackboard shell. Assignments are to be submitted by midnight on the due date. It is very important that the email subject line be properly labeled.

Module 7 has no Discussion Board posting attached, and the written assignment is worth 15 points.

Module Assignment: Use the questions below to guide your reading and reflection as you complete this module. Refer to the course syllabus for the evaluation criteria for grading, as well as for formatting your assignments. Please call or email me with any questions you may have as you complete the assignment.

How can nurses/health care professionals demonstrate political action both within and outside of the conventional political arena?

Think of ways in which you can increase your political power.

Consider how nurses/health care professionals can work together to reduce the impact of these issues and improve their political influence.

Which political issue(s) do you personally feel motivated to influence?

After reading the content for this module and with these questions in mind, you are required to complete the following assignment.

Political Activism/ Advocacy Personal Strategic Plan – develop a personal strategic plan to describe how you will become more politically active and serve as an advocate in the nursing and health policy arena. Consider the strategies described in the required readings. With this in mind, your personal strategic plan should include the following:
State your purpose as nurse/health care professional within your role, organization, community, state etc.
Identify your basic underlying core values and beliefs or principles
Briefly discuss your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis)
Develop goal(s) and objective(s) to enhance your own political activism/advocacy
Assess for available resources (personal, institutional, organizational, state, national)
Take action – outline the actions you will take to increase political activism/advocacy




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