Topic Retaining nurses in Hospice
below is what I had revised as a vision and mission statement however it probably needs work.
Compassus Hospice mission is to preserve each patient’s dignity while removing the fear associated with dying through pain management, emotional and spiritual support (Compassus Hospice), Our vision is leading the transformation of healthcare delivery: continuously and measurably improving the quality of person-centered, physician-driven, team-based care (Compassus Hospice).
Compassus Hospice has established a strong mission statement that implies their goal to be nothing short of medical excellence in death and dying. While this mission statement is a solid foundation for the organization, this mission statement leaves something to be desired for the purpose of this strategic plan. I have chosen to tailor the mission statement to be more inclusive of nursing staff as well as the patient population. My new mission statement is to improve well-being of our patients and families by investing and retaining our nurses by providing excellent end of life experiences. This statement will all a focus on not only the patients but nurses as well.
A vision statement should be valued by those that it sets a goal for. People need to see themselves in the vision (Bonfante 2017). The revised vision statement is the leader in quality end-of-life care delivery, and viewed as the hospice employer of choice in healthcare.

Write a 2- to 3-page summary of the strategic plan issue. Include the following in your summary:

The strategic plan issue and how the issue’s need is evident in the group or organization.
The mission and vision of the group or organization. (Note: Be sure you have reviewed and implemented feedback from your Week 4 Discussion 1: Mission and Vision Statements.)
Background, including:
Data from historical analysis and forecasting to support the need for the plan
Evidence from the literature to support the need for the plan
Previous attempts by various individuals and groups to address this issue
Stakeholders that should be included in the strategic planning process




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