What is the dilemma of American nursing and how does Reverby see a way out of it?

Write a short response to each question, using specific quotes from the readings – or paraphrase – give page numbers and author’s name only for each citation (eg. Reverby, 1) in the body of your answer. Do not submit any answer without a citation to the reading (author, page number). No page reference, no credit. Overlong answers will be downgraded. Each answer should be no more than a short paragraph of analysis of the readings with citations. I am looking for the best statements by the authors of the ideas contained in the answers to the questions so be sure to choose the best options, not just any quote that may seem relevant or that mentions a phrase contained in the question. Be sure your answer fits within the overall context of the author’s discussion. Be sure to use the whole book, not just a small portion of it, when discussing a topic (your page references should be spread throughout the books).
1. What is the dilemma of American nursing and how does Reverby see a way out of it?
Discuss Reverby’s theories about caring, including its “dual nature” in nursing. This answer covers several chapters.

2. Using Reverby, chapter 7, compare her views on the professionalization of nursing to Olson’s. What are their views on nursing education – do they differ?

3. What does Olson say is the nature of nursing work done at St. Luke’s? What role does caring play in his analysis of nursing? How does Reverby describe the characteristics of a good nurse in the 19th century?

4. Focusing specifically on nursing history: Using Olson, explain the “professionalization framework” and its significance for nursing history – do you agree with his thesis? What do he and Walsh say about nursing history? Where does Reverby fit into their analysis (they refer to her specifically in Handling the Sick) – that is, how would they characterize her place in nursing history?

5. Using both Reverby and Olson, discuss gender and nursing – use specific quotes throughout the books to support your discussion including Reverby’s idea of duties vs rights. Does Olson see anti-woman sentiment or sexism in nursing? Keep in mind the consequences of nursing having developed as women’s work when looking for gender issues.




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