attached is budget. instructions:
In this assignment, you will conduct an economic analysis for your project. The guiding question for your final report is "why is this project worth doing?" For this class, you will answer this question from an economics and finance perspective.
Your report should begin with a discussion of your organization, the problem you are trying to solve, and your proposed solution or project. Try to keep this no longer than one page .But make clear what it is you propose to do and how you will measure inputs and outcomes.
Next, describe the costs and budget of your project. The budget should consider both short-term and long-term expenses – meaning, you should have a budget for the period when you’re implementing the project (likely more expensive) and then a budget for sustaining the project.
Assess how the project is likely to affect long-term costs and profits for your organization. If possible, conduct a return-on-investment analysis or break-even analysis for your project. Will your project reduce spending in the long-term? Will it save money in some way? How successful does the project need to be to be worth the investment made? Will it generate a positive financial return? Note that a negative financial return might be acceptable if your project achieves other goals such as quality improvement. Even if you don’t have the data to do a financial analysis now, you should be able to do a back-of-the-envelope estimation.
This section should have a quantitative calculation, even if you have to make a lot of assumptions to do it. Pro tip: Make reasonable assumptions, no matter how uncertain, and then state them and stick to them unapologetically.

Finally, assess how or whether your project could be adopted more broadly by other organizations and how your project would affect national healthcare costs if it were adopted widely. This last component may not be a quantitative calculation, depending on the data available, but if you can do a quantitative calculation, you should.

Use tables and charts to support your analyses as needed, including historic data for a trend analysis. Do you need a table? Do you need a chart? Only if it advances your case in a clear way.
The tables can be provided in an appendix to ensure you stay within the page length limit.




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