Writer here are a series of questions I needed to answer and reflect on. Im attaching references to this order as well. Please use my answers to the questions as well as enhance them. Also please reference: Kouzes & Posner. (2012). J-B Leadership Challenge. 5th edition. Chapters 10, 11, & 12. Here are the questions and my responses. Im attaching them as well so that you can see them better.

1. Think back over the times when someone has personally recognized and rewarded you for outstanding performance- the times when someone showed genuine appreciation for what you accomplished.

2. Select one time that you would consider your most memorable recognition- a time when you felt the most appreciated by someone. Recall the story in as much vivid detail as you can. When I was recognized for Nursing Education Award in 2014. What made this time so memorable? It was during Nursing week and held in the auditorium. It was the very first time this award was given. Why did you recall this particular experience? I recalled this experience because I was nominated from the whole hospital and I was up against some very stiff competition. The award was also very nice.

3. What did this person do to recognize you? I was nominated by several people in the organization. What actions did he or she take? Nominating and writing a very nice essay on my behalf. Describe the setting and your feelings. The setting was very formal and a auditorium for Nurses week. The entire auditorium was full and very prestigious people were in attendance. I was shocked when I found out among all the nominees that I had won.

4. How can you personally recognize someone? I have written several emails and given verbal recognition in front of the person supervisor. What will you do to make the recognition special for this person? I personally believe in a small token of appreciation such as a gift card is always nice. Who else should know about this persons achievement and the actions this person took to accomplish what they did? I believe not only the manager of the person but maybe the next in line the Director. How can you publicize it? We have a Nursing Newsletter that gets published monthly that could be a good place to recognize someone. 5. What have you learned about yourself as a leader and your leadership capabilities from the activities in this course? What Ive learned is that every leader needs to look at the whole picture of every situation before making a judgement. I believe the best leaders empower their staff as well as recognize them. Good leaders are accessible and good resources.




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