1. A friend of yours is helping you to garden on a hot day. She complains of muscle cramps and nausea but has a normal body temperature. What has happened to her? How would you help her?
2. You check Mr Alto’s oxygen saturation as part of his routine RTW post joint replacement observations. He has taken off his Hudson mask. His Sp02 is 91%. List two reasons that can result in a lox reading. Explain why this leads to a low reading.
3. What assessment techniques should you use for the following clients?
a. A client suspected of having a head injury?
b. A client with a cast on the lower leg?
c. A client reporting abdominal pain?
d. A client being admitted for a surgical procedure to the arm?
4. Mrs. Donella is admitted to hospital with a history of weight loss and general fatigue. Describe three body systems that might be involved. What questions might you ask Mrs. Donella to discover what the primary system involved is?
5. State the pain assessment methods, including the differences in approach, with a person suffering chronic pain.
6. Why is communication essential and pivotal to the success of the nurse-client relationship?
7. List six ways you can indicate to a client that you are listening attentively to what they have to say.
8. What are admission stressors and what can we do to address them.
9. When does the discharge process commence and why?
10. What is a multi-disciplinary team?

Answer questions using assessment criteria below.
Assessment criteria
Uses a range of assessment tools relevant to the clinical environment to gather information.
Discuss assessment data with the RN, and other members of the health care team.
Discuss assessment data to support best practice in nursing care delivery.
Modify nursing interventions to reflect changes in the client’s condition in consultation/collaboration with health care team.
Analyse client information to reflect individualised care requirements.
Undertake assessment of the client’s progress toward planned outcomes.
Utilise effective communication skills, spelling, grammar, expression, editing.
APA referencing and in text citation protocols.
Reference list.




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