Fundamental of nursing

Assessment criteria:

Assessment Guidelines and Module Learning Outcomes; these express the criteria against which achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessed.

Assessment Guidelines:

Essay: Exploring a key nursing concept. Word Count: 1500 (+-10%)
You are required to choose a key nursing concept from the list below that applies to professional nursing practice in your chosen field of practice (e.g. Adult, Mental Health, Child, Learning Disability). You need to clearly define the concept of care and give a clear rationale why this is important to your field of nursing practice. It should be explored, and an explanation provided of how this concept relates to the role of the nurse in providing quality care, and to the patient experience. Commentary on its significance to informing your practice as a future nurse is also required.

Examples of Key nursing concepts of care:
Advocacy (and Empowerment)
Dignity & Respect
Patient Centred Care
Module Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome 1
Be able to begin to explore the core concepts and theory of nursing.

Learning Outcome 2
Be able to understand the principles of contemporary nursing practice in all fields.

Learning Outcome 3
Be able to engage with people and build caring professional and ethical relationships to enable delivery of person centred care.

Learning Outcome 4
Practice practical skills learning and demonstrate practical skills safely.

Essay Structure
1. Introduction (150 words). An introduction generally needs to answer the following 3 questions.
a. What? The introduction must begin by clearly explaining what the essay is about. This section needs to explain in your own words what is required in the assignment brief given above.
b. How? The second part of the introduction needs to outline how the essay will be structured. You need to summarise the details given in point 2 below.
c. Why? An introduction needs to articulate why the topic under consideration is of significance.
2. Discussion (1200 words)
a. Define and explain the chosen concept of care, giving a clear description of its relevance to your field of nursing practice (e.g. Adult). (Learning Outcome 1).
b. Explore and discuss how the concept links to contemporary nursing practice and excellent quality of care in your field of nursing practice. (Learning Outcome 2).
c. Explore the importance of the chosen concept in engaging with people who use health and or other related services. (Learning Outcome 3).
d. Explain how the chosen concept can facilitate the development of caring professional and ethical relationships to enable the delivery of person centred care. (Learning Outcome 3).
e. Discuss the significance of the chosen concept in informing your future nursing practice. (Learning Outcome 2).
3. Conclusion (150 words)
a. Summary. Summarise the key learning points that have emerged from your discussion above.
b. Recommendations. Make recommendations on what needs to be done in light of your findings and conclusions.
4. References. Appropriate referencing is an important element of academic writing. Ensure that you have used the most up-to-date UWL Harvard Referencing Guide available from the library. Please be aware that the referencing guide is regularly updated.
5. Appendices. Appendices serve both the writer, and the reader of your essay. In an appendix, you can include material that complements your work but that would be distracting or too long in the text of the essay. It should not however, be information that does not complement what is already in the text. Therefore, material in an appendix must be relevant to the essay, and links and references between the appendix and the essay need to be made in the main text.




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