Future of Nursing in America

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure and honor that I stand before you this day to announce my candidature for president of the American Nurses Association. As we all know, nursing is an equally vital sector in the American health care system. Advancements in nursing will improve the provision of health care to the American people by eradicating barriers in accessibility, high health care prices and poor quality care.

The first key step to initiating reforms in nursing is identifying the prevailing opportunities, problems and finding their solutions. Some of the problems I have identified include the need for nurse-led innovations. If elected president, I will ensure the development of care models like health clinics managed by nurses, home visit programs for poor mothers and the Transitional model. Another area that needs transformation is the nursing research sector which forms the basis of disease treatment and vaccination, medical science, clinical practices, and improved patient outcomes’ .If elected, I will focus on redesigning the nursing curriculum so that besides basic training, the system can congregate the wants of an aging and diverse society.

By reinforcing partnership links between learning institutions and the providers of jobs, barriers in the attainment of baccalaureate and advanced degrees will be eradicated. In addition, I will emphasize on the need for more practice, expand our personnel, grip technology, cultivate inter professional teamwork, initiate leadership at every level and certify that all health professions partake in direct care giving.

I plan to implement these changes and advancements in line with the American Nurses Association code of ethics. For me to achieve all these, I must recognise my indispensible need for help, support and cooperation from the American government, nursing associations, nurses and other health professionals, learning institutions as well as concerned parties and well wishers.

Through the nursing missions and visions of shaping the nursing profession through the provision of quality health care services to the contemporary society, I promise to uphold utmost integrity and ensure the improvements are perpetual. For these reasons, I hope it is in your best interest to choose an eligible leader who will implement reforms and boldly fight for the rights of nurses in America.”




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