Paper Information:
The purpose of this assignment is to empower graduate nursing students to advocate, influence policy, inform others, and develop public speaking skills.
This is a 2- part assignment: Part 1 is the written portion and Part 2 the elevator speech, is presented to your classmates in a voice-over PowerPoint. The link to this voice-over PowerPoint should be uploaded to the Week 4 Discussion Board.
According to Milstead (2013) “full integration of the policy process becomes evident when professional nurses discern early the social implications of health problems, seize the opportunity to inform public officials with whom the nurses have credible relationships, provide objective data and subjective personal stories that help translate big problems down to a level of understanding, propose alternative solutions that acknowledge reality, and participate in the evaluation process to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the outcomes” (p. 19).
The paper must include the following:
State the purpose of the paper.
Main Content:
Choose a US population with a health disparity or problem. Justify why you selected this population. 
Identify the health disparity or problem pertinent to your chosen population.
Describe the significance of the health disparity or problem and its impact on this population.
Provide evidence including statistical data to support the significant health disparity or problem identified via a review of the literature, web links shared in this course, and resources you locate in your own searches.
Explain the position held by a professional nursing organization such as the American Nurses Association or American Association of Colleges of Nursing or American Association of Nurse Practitioners relative to this problem or disparity.
Compose your own position statement to include why you believe it is important to advocate for this population, health disparity, or problem.
Write closing comments; do not introduce new material in conclusion.
Paper Requirements:
Based on your readings, current literature (within the last 5 years)
Narrative conveys logical thought, constructive criticism as appropriate, and professional insights. 
Writing Requirements:
Total of 5 pages (not including title page or reference page) using the required cover page with your program name clearly labeled
Document file name: Last Name_First Name_Week 3 Paper_NUR520
Minimum of 5 scholarly sources (a minimum of 3 scholarly sources and a minimum of two peer reviewed journal articles) to support your facts.  One source may be the course textbook.
Clear and logically written with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation
Proper APA format on citations and sources
Please remember to run your documents through the Plagiarism Check to review the percentage taken from other sources prior to uploading your work here for final grading and the final plagiarism check.
Grading Requirements:
View the grading rubric
* Please note if you need help searching the library use the Ask the Librarian feature.
**Please see the sample cover page required for all Keiser papers under START HERE.  The last section titled Course Resources has the required formatting for Keiser papers.
Milstead, J. A. (2013). Health policy and politics: A nurse’s guide (4th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.




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