Final Project

In this course, you have put together an assessment and evaluation plan through a scaffolded assignment. For the final project, you will bring all of the parts that you have completed together in one paper. Click to download the assignment template you can use to draft this part of the project: HHS 601 – Final Project Assignment Template-1.doc

Title Page in APA Format

Learning Situation

Describe a hypothetical learning situation where you are the instructor.
Describe the focus of the learning situation.
Type of Assessment

Describe the two types of assessments you plan to create.
Explain why you selected these types of assessments and how they will address the learning need.
Tools to be Used

Describe the tools you plan to use to facilitate assessment.
Learning Objective and Goal of the Assessment

Provide one learning objective associated with the planned assessment.
Provide one goal associated with the planned assessment.
Explaining the Learning Assessments

Describe each of the learning assessments by providing student instructions. The instructions should include the type of assessment and any particulars associated with completing the assessment.
Provide a rubric if there is a written assignment.
Provide the questions and answer key if you have developed a test.
Provide a description of the activity and the observation tool to be used if you have developed a simulation or scenario-based assessment.
Difference Between Observational and Performance Assessments

Describe the difference between observational and performance assessment.
Provide a discussion related to the rationale behind your choice to use either observational or performance assessments or both.
Evaluation Methods

Describe the evaluation methods to be used on each assessment.
Explain the type of data that will be generated through the use of each method

In this final section of the paper, consider what you have learned. Explain how you feel that you have achieved the NLN Nurse Educator Competencies associated with the work completed in this course.
Facilitate Learning
Use Assessment and Evaluation Strategies
Participate in Curriculum Design and Evaluation of Program Outcomes




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