So for this discussion I had to answer:

In the first part of your discussion post, introduce yourself to your classmates. Where are you from, what is your major, and what do you hope to learn from this course? Next, discuss which of the three focal points of Module One (visual art, literature, or music) you are most comfortable with. Which do you have the most experience with, and which do you find the most challenging to understand? Include specific examples to support your response.

I Said:

The three focal points, visual art, literature, and music, are invaluable parts of art that impart an adequate comprehension and appreciation of the role of arts in learning and day-to-day activities. Despite the vital role played and thrilling experience provided by music and literature, I am most comfortable with visual art. My passion for visual arts was specifically triggered by its role in improving nursing students skills in following narration, communication, and observation (Anglin et al., 2020). Through the frequent use of the visual arts in lesson presentations and discussions and the fact that it has been proven to shape critical reflection and responses in nursing students, as asserted by Anglin et al. (2020), I have embraced the focal point fully and often use it in class discussions and presentations. These include arts like photography, video, painting, and PowerPoints. I also use the arts like video, prints, sculptures, and PowerPoints on several occasions to study concepts that seem challenging in theory. I have been able to understand concepts like the human anatomy, disease impact on the body, drug interactions, and efficacy well by exploiting these visual arts.
A Focal Point that I have More Experience with
Music is soothing to the soul, and the lyrics impart a meaningful message to the audience. The melody, rhythm, and the specific authors of music impacted my passion for the genre at an early age. My love for the musical tunes triggered my fondness to my music classes in my junior school. I got so inclined to music and developed a habit of assigning meaning to lyrics of several music types and actively participating in music lessons. Having developed more experience in music, I shifted my passion to visual arts and found it relevant and most comfortable after enrolling in my undergraduate studies.
A Focal Point that I find Most Challenging to Understand
Literature has been the most challenging part of the module, and I have, on several occasions, struggled to understand. This challenge is attributed to nursing students common difficulty in patiently reading and reviewing the concepts in the literature to generate meaning (Popenoe et al., 2021). I have a short concentration span and find long passages boring and less captivating. The vocabulary can be complex, sometimes making it hard to comprehend the message. The art’s limited application in practice also limits my interest in practicing to perfect my literature comprehension.

Anglin, C., Halpin-Healy, C., & Rosenfeld, P. (2020). Reflecting art in nursing practice: Developing visual arts programs to transform and strengthen practice. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 50(5), 274-280.
Popenoe, R., Langius-Eklöf, A., Stenwall, E., & Jervaeus, A. (2021). A practical guide to data analysis in general literature reviews. Nordic journal of nursing research, 41(4), 175-186.


In response to your peers, choose a different focal point than the one you chose for yourself, and elaborate on how your peers’ choice of focal point could be relevant to you. What do you think you could learn from these students’ perspective?


Of the three focal points in this module, I am most comfortable with music. I’ve always felt a connection to music. You can always find a song that pertains to something in your life. A song that will lift your spirits, help you celebrate, help you mourn, whether it be the loss of a loved one or relationship. Music is always there for you, on a good day, or a bad day. To get you through your workday, or a workout. You can feel the emotions and connect with what the artist is trying to share.

The one I am least comfortable with is visual art. I know it sounds silly, like just look at it, but there’s so much more. I’ve never really understood or had interest in trying to understand the deeper meaning. I can look at it and see the beauty, the hard work put into it, but to actually study a piece of art and try to understand all the elements has never been something I really cared for.

Use proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular sources.





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