Our emotions, anxiety, and self-concept

Module 2 Overview
What impact do our emotions, anxiety, and self-concept have on our ability to critically think at a higher level? What about external factors? How do we as nurses manage these issues and their impact on our critical thinking behaviors? This week we will analyze the impact these internal and external factors have on our critical thinking abilities. In addition we will strategize ways in which to improve the learning process for new nurses when it comes to critical thinking behaviors and skills, what unique and creative methods can you think of to help with this process.

Learning Outcomes
After completing this module, you will be able to:
Analyze the impact of internal forces (i.e., self-concept, anxiety, moods, culture) and external forces (i.e., society, organizational culture, generational differences) on critical thinking behaviors.
Strategize ways to improve the mentorship of new nurses related to developing critical thinking and clinical judgment.
Reading & Resources
Read Chapters 3 & 6 In Rubenfeld, M. G., & Scheffer, B.K. (2010). Critical thinking TACTICS for nurses: Achieving the IOM competencies (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
Learning Activities

Discussions: Participate in Discussion 2.
Assignment: Complete & Submit Assignment 1. Click on the Assignment 1 link in this module for more details.

Discussion 2
Thinking and other cognitive processes such as analysis and synthesis are dependent upon many variables, both internal and external. Each person has learned patterns of thinking that are a result of culture, ethnicity, education and genetics.
Choose ONE of the following to answer in this discussion forum:
Discuss a previous experience when your own critical thought processes were “disrupted” because of a particular situation, anxiety, or lack of confidence. Explain how you could overcome the disruption of thinking if you would be faced with the same situation today. Specifically how might you alter your way of thinking when confronted with internal forces or variables?
Discuss a specific instance when external environmental issues such as societal rules, work environment or a cultural or generational “disconnect” caused your critical thinking to be disrupted. How might you handle this situation differently knowing what you know now?
Please support your initial discussion and opinions with at least two citations from the assigned readings, or peer-reviewed professional nursing literature. You are required to respond to two peers, but do not need to include reference citations to the responses unless you include someone else’s ideas in the responses. Please refer to the Course Syllabus for Discussion Participation Guidelines & Grading Criteria.




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