Information about three patients who have been involved in a multiple car MVC (Motor Vehicle Crash)

Emergency Nursing

Written assignment: case study analysis. Due 29 May 2015

Length: 2500 words ± 10%

Task description
•For this assignment you will be given information about three patients who have been involved in a multiple car MVC (Motor Vehicle Crash). These patients have multiple injuries and you as their nurse will need to plan and manage their care. Information about these patients will be given to you once you have completed the third online test.
•Firstly you will need to triage all THREE patients and give a brief rationale as to the triage categories you have allocated to them. You then need to choose ONE of the three patients as the focus for the rest of your assignment.
•Once you have chosen your patient you need to complete the case study which has been begun for you.

To complete the case study of your chosen patient, you will need to:

•Conduct and document their primary and secondary survey.
•Include all tests including blood, radiology (including nuclear medicine and ultra sound), ECGs and any other appropriate examinations the patient has undergone.
•List the priorities of care for your patient in the order of priority and give a detailed explanation as to why they were listed in this particular order. You will also need to provide the results of these tests and then formulate the appropriate management plan, making the scenario you develop as realistic as possible.
•Identify invasive procedures. This may include the insertion of arterial lines, CVC lines, intercostal catheters,etc. As these patients all require resuscitation the expectation is that they will need some type of invasive monitoring and or invasive procedures.
•Include any allied health professionals and/or support people/family/friends who would be involved in caring for your patient.
•Make sure you give a rationale as to why the management you have developed is the best possible management for your patient. In this section of the assignment it is expected you will include and explain the pathophysiology of the injury and/or illness. For this you will need to locate and refer to evidence based journal articles and other scholarly literature, referencing where appropriate. At this level of study I would expect no fewer than 20 references on your reference list, including a minimum of 15 journal articles.

•Include an introduction and conclusion to your assignment and use APA referencing in accordance with the UNE assessment policy.

Structure and presentation

This assignment is a piece of academic writing and needs to be structured as such, with an introduction and conclusion. The use of bullet points will be accepted. Use the marking criteria to guide you with respect to aspects of presentation and formatting of this assignment. I expect your referencing to be correct and for your work to be proof read and if it is not then you will lose marks for this.


APA is the required referencing system for assignments in the School of Health. Follow the link at the top right of the page for information and examples.




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