Is there a relationship between the theoretical or conceptual framework and research question or hypothesis, or is a disconnect evident?

Paper details:
This paper should be written on one of the articles used in the Lit Review synthesis. You can use as many references as you need. I know that there will be at least the one reference for the article used, but use additional if needed please.

1. Identify the Problem and state the Purpose of the study
? Has the author clearly formulated a problem statement? If not, is it at least clearly implied?
? Is the problem?s significance established in terms of scope, severity, and relevance to the nursing profession
? Could the defined problem have been approached more effectively from another perspective? If so, what perspective could have been selected?

2. Identify the Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
? Is the framework explicitly expressed or must the reviewer extract the framework from implicit statements in the literature review?
? Was it appropriate OR should a different framework been used?
? Does the framework identify, define, and describe relationship among the concepts of interest?
? Is there a relationship between the theoretical or conceptual framework and research question or hypothesis, or is a disconnect evident?

3. Identify Research Objectives or Questions and Hypothesis(es)

4. Describe the Research Design
? Identify the specific design of the study
? Identify the treatment or intervention, if appropriate for the type of study conducted
? How were subjects/participants assigned to groups, if groups were studied?
? Were pilot study findings used to design this study? If yes, briefly discuss the pilot and the changes made in this study based on the pilot
? Was the design appropriate for the type of research study implemented?

5. Describe the Sample and Setting
? Identify the inclusion and exclusion sample criteria
? Indicate the method used to obtain the sample
? State the sample size [indicate how the sample size was determined identify how many refused to participate and why]
? Identify the characteristics of the sample
? Identify the sample mortality (or attrition) number and percentage
? Indicate the type of consent obtained and institutional review board approval
? Identify the study setting and indicate if it is appropriate for the study purpose

6. Identify Measurement Instrument(s)
? How did the researcher choose and develop the measurement strategy?
? How accurate and valid are the measurements utilized ? do they measure what they were intended to measure? Would the same results be obtained if the study was replicated?
? Report the reliability and validity of the instrument(s) [if possible]

7. Describe the Data Analysis
? List the statistical procedures use to describe the sample and data
? Was the level of significance or alpha identified? and if so, indicate what it was
? Is the analysis both accurate and relevant to the research question or hypothesis(es)?

8. Describe the Interpretation/Conclusion of the Findings
? Are the conclusions appropriately based on the analysis of the data?

9. Identify the Implications to Practice
? How do the findings contribute to the understanding of the problem under scrutiny, and how does it contribute to evidence-based practice?

10. Discuss the Limitations of the study
? What are the limitations of the study?
? Do the limitations outweigh any benefits derived from the implementation of the research?

11. Follow APA Guidelines/Format




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