Attn: Please used attached template for this assignment
Identification of Internal and External Stakeholders
[WLOs: 1, 2, 3] [CLOs: 2, 3]
As a reminder, each week your assignment will comprise of a vital component of your Final Program Evaluation Report final project. As such, you are encouraged to ensure that you use the feedback you receive each week to make the necessary revisions for your final project.

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review the Week 2 Assignment Tables Template Download Week 2 Assignment Tables Template. You must use the format of these tables from this template to complete your paper. Additionally, please review the following from the Developing an Effective Evaluation Report: Setting the Course for Effective Program EvaluationLinks to an external site. workbook:

Step 1: Engage Stakeholders
Step 1: 1.1 Stakeholder Inclusion and Communication Plan Exercise

This week you will create a table of at least six key external stakeholders connected to your chosen public health program. External stakeholders are individuals and organizations that have a vested interest in the success of the program and its participants. Similar to your previously created Internal Stakeholder table in Week 1, be specific by listing the organization’s names, locations and addresses, and so forth. For this assignment you will also include your Internal Stakeholder table (revisions in place if needed) to display both tables as a clear identification of all program stakeholders identified. The more detail you can provide in both tables the better, as you will utilize this information in later weeks.

For your tables of internal and external stakeholders (those who have a stake in the evaluation results),

Assess what information each external stakeholder needs for the evaluation information to be effective for their position or organization.
This is known as priority information needs. For example, an organization that funds a health program may only have an interest in the budget and how the money given is being utilized.
Determine the internal and external stakeholders connected with the program and place them in appropriate tables.
A minimum of six external stakeholders is required.
See the Week 2 Assignment Tables Template Download Week 2 Assignment Tables Templatefor examples of internal stakeholder and external stakeholder tables. You must use the table format presented in these examples.
Keep in mind the public health issue that the program is intended to address and ensure that the stakeholders of the evaluation are appropriate for that public health issue.
Note that not all stakeholders affiliated with a particular organization may be connected with a particular health program. For example, Feeding America is a very large national health organization with over a hundred programs nationwide. Simply because a stakeholder may be affiliated with the operation of the New York state operations, does not mean that same stakeholder is directly connected with the program in Long Island. Depending upon the size of your chosen organization, external research may be required to determine appropriate connections for both internal and external stakeholders to your chosen program.
Keep in mind the public health issue that the program is supposed to address and ensure that the appropriate information is identified for effective evaluation.
Provide a detailed justification for your choice of each external stakeholder following the external stakeholder example in the template.
This is the same expectation that was asked in your Week 1 internal stakeholder identification, so utilize those notes (if present) to improve this effort.

The Identification of Stakeholders assignment

Must be at least three double-spaced pages in length, accounting for the Internal Stakeholder and External Stakeholder tables (not including title and references pages), and formatted according to APA StyleLinks to an external site. as outlined in the Writing Center’s APA Formatting for Microsoft WordLinks to an external site. resource.
Must include a separate title page with the following:
Title of paper in bold font
Space should appear between the title and the rest of the information on the title page.
Student’s name
Name of institution (The University of Arizona Global Campus)
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Due date
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.
For assistance on writing Introductions & ConclusionsLinks to an external site. as well as Writing a Thesis StatementLinks to an external site., refer to the Writing Center resources.
Must use at least three credible sources, one of which must be from the University of Arizona Global Campus Library.
The Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible SourcesLinks to an external site. table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. If you have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this assignment, please contact your instructor. Your instructor has the final say about the appropriateness of a specific source.




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