You, a Nurse Manager on a Progressive Care Unit in an 800 bed privately owned Magnet Hospital, were asked to join a Project Innovation Committee as the nursing representative. Members of the Committee include CEO of the Hospital, CNO for the Hospital, Director of Medical Services, Director of Pharmacy Service, Custodial Staff Supervisor, and an at-large member of the public from the surrounding community. The purpose of the committee is to share innovative practice ideas to keep the facility on the cutting edge of advances within healthcare while increasing the number and quality of services provided to the surrounding community. Each member performs a quarterly needs assessment within their department and shares a poster presentation of a priority innovative practice proposal at the annual shareholder meeting.

In two months you will present the innovative practice proposal based on the following data. Design the innovative proposal based on your assessment of the priority area of need.

Quarterly retention rates for graduate nurses within a six month period from hire is down 6%.
Nurses positions open = 180, applicants for open positions 28.
Nursing satisfaction with job decreased 8%.
Number of nurses projected to retire within six months = 47.
Increase of 18% in medication errors.
The overall average for readmission rates have increased by 5%.
Overall client satisfaction with nursing care, decreased 7%.
Option for tuition reimbursement to obtain BSN or advanced nursing degree tabled for consideration in the next fiscal year.
The Innovative Practice Proposal must be included as a Poster Presentation on a PowerPoint Slide and include:

Description of the innovation. Support with credible resources
Purpose of innovation based on needs assessment presented in the scenario
A detailed outline of the proposed innovation
Relevancy of innovation including at least one resource to support the innovative proposal
Description of at least two risks and at least two benefits of the implementation. Support with credible resources
Description of at least two Barriers and at least two Facilitators to the implementation of the innovation. Support with credible resources
Description of at least two strategies to support current sustainability and at least two strategies to maintain future sustainability of the innovation.




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