Nurses play a major role in nursing, as these are responsible for the promotion of optimal health and the prevention of sicknesses in the lifespan of their clients.






Nursing means a different thing to different people, as each person has their own way of describing it, based on either their knowledge or experiences in nursing. Nonetheless, nursing is diverse; as it is both an art, and a science, which makes use of the nursing process. In the practice of nursing, nurses play a major role in nursing, as these are responsible for the promotion of optimal health and the prevention of sicknesses in the lifespan of their clients. Still in the nursing practice, the nurse plays a professional role including caregiving. Nurses also act as advocates, communicators, and educators to their clients, in different contexts of nursing including emergency care, psychiatry, among others.

Individuals having an interest in nursing must exhibit high level of integrity and personality. To begin with, nursing involves a series of significant activities; therefore, people interested in nursing must have organizational skills. Since nursing also involves relationships between patients and nurses, the interested individuals must have the ability to develop therapeutic relationships between them and their clients. Nursing is also faced with numerous emergency events; a practitioner in this field therefore, should be capable of working effectively under pressure, as well as being in a position to address emergency events in a calm manner.

Nursing involves the optimizing of health and abilities, preventing sickness and injury, reducing the extent of suffering by diagnosing and treating human ailments. Nursing also advocates for the care of individuals and their families, as well as communities, and the broader human populations. To be involved in nursing is therefore, to experience an experience that is of the heart and soul. It weighs more than just one’s physical presence in the nursing facility. Nursing gives dedicated individuals a form of satisfaction from their giving of care to the clients, thus, improving their condition.

Nursing is also a job, a profession, just like any other professions. This is something an individual has to do for a living, by working in settings where care is given to patients; these include outpatient centers, and hospitals, among others. As the case in other professions, individuals in the nursing field receive remunerations for the services they provide. However, there is something unique about nursing. Not everyone can become a good in nursing. Many people, including me, consider the nursing profession as a call. This shows that nursing is an involving career, and therefore, requires individuals with passion for nursing. Nursing impacts patients in a special way, which they can remember all their life.

Apart from providing one with an opportunity for making a living, nursing gives one an identity. Normally, nurses are considered hardworking, high-integrity, and compassionate individuals. Therefore, nursing shapes the personality of an individual. This becomes advantageous in the individual’s life and career. As far as nursing is concerned, it is important that there be a clear understanding of the distinction between nursing, which is professional in nature, and the other nursing that is provided by other people who do not belong to the nursing profession. These two categories of nursing vary based on knowledge and clinical judgment involved, as well the code of ethics involved and personal accountability required in the nursing process. Professional nursing embraces a greater level of competence and expertise as compared to the other nursing. Nonetheless, nursing has existed over the years and will continue to influence the management of health and illness in society even in the years to come.




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