My dream to do this course is because I have always shown a growing attraction into nursing since strikes me to be a worthwhile and extremely satisfying career to choose. I am a confident student willing to provide the institution with good communication skills, helping others, and having the ability to interact closely with each other. There’s no doubt that that nursing could well be rewarding and create various pathways for my future

My career strategies are founded in the future of the NHS. I’d like to go into a working user-friendly community of nursing serving for the NHS.

Nursing would satisfy me attending others with their needs and seeing them achieve good health. I have always wished to be involved in carrying out work in a medical care environment from a very early age as I used a lot of time in healthcare facility with my father’s heart-related illnesses

This experience inspired me to take a career in nursing, as I need to learn much more about medical care and grow my knowledge and practical skills to qualify me to enable you to practice as a nurse. I am at the moment studying health and social care dual award. It helps me comprehend about unique care settings as well as the body functions

Health and social care have revealed to me new tactics of life insight to how life changes. Throughout my experience, I have spent time at playgroups and watched how children develop. I worked closely with children for a number weeks and liked it and was asked to revisit which I did. I have also visited an older people home and studied communications during a face to face chat with a resident from a local day center that inspired me a lot to fulfill my desired profession

In my spare time, I mingle with neighbors and friends and work part time. But when I find the time I play tennis and do gymnastics at the local sports center. Despite this engagement I try to keep a healthy balance of my academic studies and leisure time so I avoid getting behind with any work. My buddies are very valuable to me as I am a very much a “people person” and I think it is a great quality to possess

I am very passionate about this coming year, I believe I can take on challenges I have the inspiration, enthusiasm to accomplish my desired career it could open a gateway of possibilities for me and I know I could attain the certification I want to proceed in my aspirations of nursing.


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