Nursing theory paper on florence nightingales enviromental theory

please see writing instructions…for the paper layout. Two sources of information is a must and you can add other sources if you wish. My chosen topic is florance nightingale and her environmental theory. here is her theory
find online Knowledge development in nursing theory and process by peggy chinn and maeona kramer

Presentation of nurse theorist and nursing theory (25%)
1. Personal information: Highlight major findings of the nurse theorist including personal experiences, educational background, experiences, professional networks, and professional accomplishments.

2. Major characteristics: Identify the selected nursing theory and list the major elements, principles/concepts that make up the nursing theory.

3. Is your chosen theory classified as a philosophy, conceptual model, or theory? Expound upon this by discussing the components of each and how your chosen theory fits into the classification.

3. Theory usefulness: Explain the conditions where this theory has been used or operationalized.

Discussion of theoretical concepts (30%)
1. Major characteristics: Discuss the major concepts of this theory and describe the essential characteristics/assumptions related to the concepts.

2. Explain the uniqueness of the nursing theory and the concepts.

Relationship of concepts to the nursing theory (30%)

1. Discuss the relationship of these concepts and the nursing theory. How do these concepts relate to one another in this theory?

2. Discuss how the concepts of this theory relate to nursing’s metaparadigm.

Application of nursing theory and concepts (15%)

1. Describe how the nursing theory and concepts have potential for practice, education, and leadership.

2. Give examples for at least one of these areas, i.e., how nurse researchers have used this theory or concepts in their research.

Note: The information on nurse theorists can be found in most nursing theory literature and nursing theory books/websites. Be sure to use correct APA format when quoting directly from these sources or paraphrasing as this section of the paper is not your opinion but rather factual information found in the sources.

This paper must be written in scholarly format (APA format using the 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual). Do not include an abstract. The paper should be approximately 8-10 pages. Save your paper as a Word file (.doc or .docx) or a rich text file (.rtf). Label your file: your last name_your first name. Submit your paper in module 6 using the drop box.




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