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Substance used is a term used to refer the usage of alcohol or drugs, and it can include substances from illegal drugs, cigarettes, inhalants, prescription drugs and solvents. Substance use can cause problems when combining drugs and alcohol or any other drugs that can cause harm to any person. Substance use can lead to addiction. Addition can appear as a chronic disease and it can affect our memories. Most people who have been addicted might have a problem to recuperate and function with their day to day life. Without treatment or engagement in recovery activities, addiction is progressive and can result in disability or premature death. Kaye, A. D., Jones, M. R., Kaye, A. M., Ripoll, J. G., Galan, V., Beakley, B. D., Manchikanti, L. (2017).

In today’s society, many people used substance abuse to satisfy their need and their desire. Many people in their early teen years and early age used substance abuse to try it or to see how it feels. In fact, many who try substances such as cannabis and alcohol discover how it makes them feel it makes them feel like they are part of another world. Many people use drugs and alcohol for different reasons some as a form of medication and other as a form of pleasure. But no matter what causes them to start using the fact is that it can cause addition and they may develop a substance disorder.

Many people who have a substance abuse do not know whether they are addicted or have a dependence on their substance. There is a big difference between having a dependence and an addiction and it can have some difficult to understand. A lot of people have different definition for both and they use different terms to distinguish them. (“Substance use disorder” is a preferred term in the scientific community.) Because of this lack of consistency, some ground rules can help differentiate between the two terms. When we use the term dependence is normally refer to the physical dependency on a certain substance. Kaye, A. D., Jones, M. R., Kaye, A. M., Ripoll, J. G., Galan, V., Beakley, B. D., Manchikanti, L. (2017).

Dependence is characterized by the symptoms of withdrawals and tolerance, while is possible to have a physical dependence without being addicted, addiction is usually close to dependency. Addiction is marked by a changed in behavior that is normally caused by a biochemical change in the person brains after continued substance abuse. Substance use becomes the main priority of the addict, whether it can cause harm to themselves or others. An addiction can causes any individuals to act or behave irrationally when they don’t have the substance they are addicted to. A person that is addicted does not see clearly they are only looking for a way to get their substance, their mind is always thinking about the next time they will get the substance and how they will get it.

In addition to substances abuse there has been an appearearance to be a “continuum” of individuals who use alcohol and other drugs. The

continuum of substance abuse

is a term use that is referred to different stages of abuse and use. The concept of continuum care involves a system that tracks and guides over the time spend in treatment and intensity care. Another term used for continuum care is “Recovery-Oriented System of Care” (ROSC). ROSC is “a community-based program and services that helps and supports the person and the strengths of an individuals, communities and families, and it can help with the implement of their health., wellness and quality of life for those with or at a risk of alcohol and drug problems”.

In the United States Alcohol misuse, medication misuse, illicit drug use, and substance use disorders all of them have cost estimated about $400 billion in lost  of productivity in the workplace, with health care expenses, with law enforcement and other criminal justice costs (e.g., drug-related crimes) an approximate of 40 percent of those costs were paid by the government. “In addition, there is some consequences that may have some direct and indirect effect such as physical health issues, infectious disease issues, mental health issues, an increase in crime, accidents and child neglect.

Substance used and Abuse is one of the leading cause of health care cost in the united states with more than $532 billion a year. (NCBIUSNLM, 2015) In addition, in 2014 47,000 of people passed away from substance overdose (NCBIUSNLM,2015). One of the main reason for the increase in deaths is due to the treatment for substance abuse is expensive, even with insurance the patient may still have to pay a copayment, the cost of substance abuse has many factors but the treatment cost more out of packet for patients with no health care. Many fall back into bad habits due to treatment prices and due to lack of help from friend, family and society.

On top of that more than 25 billion of dollars is being spent yearly to advertise substance such as alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs.  Television, Digital media, have all promoted substance just to help people spend money. Other try to use the media to educate people and to help other to stop using substance abuse is part of the job. In fact, the media has helped companies who produce alcohol, and tobacco into big companies by advertising models smoking and drinking alcohol, the media has profited from this advertisement (AAP, 2015)

The technology such as, social media sites, internet, cellphones have all expanded how people use and abuse substance.  Base on how today society see substance many adolescent buy illegally and legally drugs and alcohol from either online and at the stores, many surveys have been conducted that stated that many teens between the ages of 14 to 20 years old have purchase alcohol online with no kind of legal proof needed. The media continually promotes the use of substance rather than discouraging people to stop using the substance. Minkoff, K. (2019).

To help people recovered from substance abuse, professionals such as counselors, psychiatrist can develop a program that can help people with overcome the use and abuse of substance, In addition, it would be a positive to involve family, parents and friend to discuss a proper way to help with health and cost of the treatment needed to and how to help substance disorder has affect the person. Unfortunately is not  like substances such as alcohol, drug and other addictive substance would disappear anytime soon the government will not stop the production of alcohol and tobacco and other substance, and  it will be impossible because those business has paid a lot of taxes and also contributed to any country wealth.





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