General instructions
1. Use the PICOT Worksheet TemplateLinks to an external site. to complete the assignment.
o Use of the template is required. A 10% deduction will be applied if the template is not used. See the rubric.
2. Follow APA grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation rules consistent with formal, scholarly writing.
3. Provide resources from at least three scholarly resources. Include in-text citations in APA format when applicable.
4. Abide by Chamberlain University’s academic integrity policy.
Include the following sections (detailed criteria listed below and in the grading rubric).
A. Practice Problem
1. Using the practice problem identified in the Week 1 discussion, summarize your practice problem in 2-3 sentences.
2. Explain why the issue/concern is important to nurse practitioner practice.
3. Provide at least one in-text citation from a scholarly source.
B. PICOT Components: Discuss each of the following PICOT components in one or two sentences:
1. P-Population: What is the nursing practice concern or problem, and whom does it affect? Be specific and narrow down your population. The population should be client-focused.
2. I–Intervention: What evidence-based solution for the problem would you like to apply?
3. C–Comparison: What is another solution for the problem? This is typically the current practice, an alternative solution, or no intervention.
4. O–Outcome: How will you know the intervention worked? How you will measure the outcome? The outcome must be measurable from a baseline.
5. T–Timeframe: What is the timeframe or the target completion date?
C. Practice Question: Write a PICOT question using standard formatting: In _____ (P), how does _____ (I) compared to _____ (C) affect _____ (O) within _____ (T)?
1. P-Population
2. I-Intervention
3. C-Comparison
4. O-Outcome
5. T-Timeframe
6. Standard PICOT format used
D. Keywords: Identify keywords for each component of the PICOT question that could be used to support a literature search. Please use Appendix B from Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt (2023) for further guidance.
1. P =
2. I =
3. C =
4. O =
5. T =




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