What qualities do you think are most important to be a good nurse manager?


1.Discuss the differences between a leader and a manager.

2. Which is more important, working for an effective leader or an effective manager? Explain your answer.
3. Observe the nurse manager in a unit to which you are assigned . What management style is displayed? How does the staff respond to this style?
4. What qualities do you think are most important to be a good nurse manager?
5. Interview the nurse manager on your assignment unit. What interpersonal, decisional, and
informational activities does he or she complete on a daily basis?
6. You are the nurse manager on your unit. One of the most experienced staffers has been out on sick leave, and another just had a baby. The rest of the staff is working very hard to pick up the slack to avoid using agency personnel. What tangible and intangible rewards might you use to thank to the staff?

7. PART 1: Begin by writing a 50-word description of the ideal nurse manger, someone you would like to work for. Describe a real-life nurse manager whom you have encountered in one of your clinical rotations. What qualities of this person meet your ideal? In what ways does this individual not meet your ideal? (Reminder: nobody’s perfect.)
PART 2: Then think about becoming an ideal manager yourself. What qualities of an ideal manager do you already possess? What qualities do you still need to develop? How will you accomplish this?
1. Explain how the Nurse Practice Act in your state provides for consumer protection and for professional nursing progress.2. What are your thoughts on multistate licensure? How does it strengthen and weaken professional nursing?
3. As a new nurse, how can you ensure confidentiality in clinical settings?
4. How can nurses safeguard the confidentiality of medical information when sending it by faxes or electronic mail?
5. Explain the role of the nurse in obtaining informed consent. Do you believe that this is within the scope of nursing practice? Explain your answer.
6. Should nurses carry malpractice insurance? Explain your answer.
7. Should all patients have advance directives? Explain your answer
8.Find your own state’s requirements for informed consent. Do elective procedures and emergency situations use the same standard?
9. Obtain a copy of your state’s Nurse Practice Act. Does the act give adequate guidance for nurses to know if an action is within the scope of nursing practice?
10. Investigate the existence of a peer assistance program for substance abuse and/or mental illness within your state. Find out how the program is administered. What is its success rate? How does the program assist nurses?
11. Interview nursing professionals within your facility to see what certificates are required for various nursing positions. Is there a pay differential for certification?

12. How are specialty nurses (critical care, emergency, trauma, maternal-child, etc.) urged to attain certification in your facility?




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