What is the significance of professional Therapeutic Communication in Mental Health Nursing and how this tool significantly affects mental health consumers?

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What is the significance of professional Therapeutic Communication in Mental Health Nursing and how this tool significantly affects mental health consumers?

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Extensively discusses the background of the question providing insightful analyses of the rationale and identifying alternative questions.

Provides extensive and detailed synopsis of the literature. Thoroughly critiques articles considering strengths and weakness of evidence provided. Clarifies evidence in support of alternative views. All literature is peer reviewed or primary resources from credible contemporary sources.

Thoroughly analyses clinical practice in relation to the question. Discriminates rationally using reasonable judgment when evaluating and critiquing clinical practice against contemporary literature. Provides extensive consideration for changes to practice based on findings.
This is an introduction I wrote for the writer to gain a sense of the direction of the essay.

“The effective development of therapeutic relationships with clients in a Mental Health setting at extremely significant for the provision of care as they allow for the exploration of feelings and allows for patients to explore fundamental information about themselves and their illnesses (Morrissey & Callaghan, 2011).

Banar (2011) and Daniels (2004) discuss the significant idea that the value of a therapeutic relationship between a nurse and client is dependent on the nurse’s capacity to develop report effectively through communicating not only verbally through words but also nonverbally through actions. Daniells (2004) goes on to discuss that most people are born with the ability and urge to express themselves and therefore, in instances concerning the relationship between a mental health consumer and the registered nurse, a nurse ought to establish qualitative therapeutic relationship with their client which will be influenced by worth full communication skills (Desmond & Copeland 2000., & Daniels 2004).

As a student nurse studying to become Registered Mental Health Nurse, I found during my clinical placements for mental health; therapeutic communication and the development of interpersonal relationships have been fundamental to my learning and pave the way for the development of my skills in mental health. However, during my placement I have found that some mental health nurses obtain this skill more so than others and this matter ultimately has the potential to significantly impose a nurses potential to better care for their patients. Ultimately I have found that therapeutic communication in mental health nursing is a crucial intervention tool as it paves the path for my patients to gain confidence to play an active role in their own care and recovery. Thus the basis of my question for this assessment.”




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