Stroke Unit Stroke cases has grown from 25 codes strokes per month

I’m just wondering if you can help me with this article I need to write about the Stroke Unit in the hospital I currently work for .

TOPIC: Stroke Unit

1. History and About the Unit

-Became the official stroke unit in 2010

-Stroke cases has grown from 25 codes strokes per month (data from June 2012) to 115 code stroke (data from June 2014).

-16 beds set up and licensed to take care of ICU patients

-most of the nurses are cross trained to take care of ICU patients

2. Benefits to the community

-Stroke screenings

-On aug 2014, Colton Unified School district kids are going to be taught the FAST acrronym

– Senior fair education

– Support group for stroke patients

3. Excellent Manager and assistant manager

– Melvin Sircar (Unit manager), been a nurse for 30 years. Was the assistant manager for 10 years and recently promoted to manager Jan 2014. Other nursing experience includes: ICU, open heart, SCOPSY, transport nurse. Well respect by the employees, excellent in problem solving, and feel free to add other positive qualities of a nurse manager.

– Carole Wochholz (Unit assistant manager), been a nurse for 20 years. Started as an ICU nurse in MICU for 10 years then admissions nurse for 4 years, and the assistant manager in burn for 6 years. Became assistant manager on 4north in Jan 2014. She is also the assistant manager of 6north which is the extension of stroke unit (mar. 1, 2014).

4. Top quality patient care

-the stroke unit provides excellent stroke education for the patients and their family

-top notch in-patient stroke care meeting the core measures

-close collaboration with rehab staff (PT,OT, and ST), results to positive outcomes for patients

5. Outstanding staff retention

-staff tends to stay in the unit for a long time

6. New RNs

-has welcoming environment towards new nurses.

-experience nurses support and help new nurses

-feel free to add other positive stuff

7. Future Plans

-to be Neuro ICU and take care of stroke ICU patients.

-keep the stroke certification

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