Every year, technological devices get faster, bigger, and brighter. The room-sized computers that put a man on the moon have less data than your cell phone. Although this generation faces many difficulties, I am confident they are poised and prepared to overcome them because I have worked with college students for the past 25 years. To find original and creative solutions for the future, I hope that reading this article will encourage students to Technology Research Topics that matter to them. Below are several questions, suggestions, resources, links, and videos to get you started on your technology topics research essay.

How to choose good topics for technology research papers

1.      Learn about your research project

What kind of research paper has your teacher assigned to you? Reread your assignment sheet and any relevant sections of the textbook. For instance, I give my students a technology topic for a summary, analysis, and response essay in which they must look into three or more points of view on a subject.

Find a question that interests you by browsing the topic lists below. An exploratory paper requires a topic that can be examined from three or more angles. Understanding the various points of view is necessary if you’re writing a position, argument, or cause paper, but your thesis statement will be your response to the question.

2.      Read more on the subject

Once you’ve found the one you like, you can read some linked articles to learn more about it. You can find more research articles online at Google Scholar or in the library at your school. Look into popular science publications like Popular Scientist, Scientific American, and Discover. A great place to find recent discoveries and breaking news is Science Daily.

3.      Select a research issue

Once you’ve chosen a topic, write it out and make a list of other topics or words that are related to it that you could use as research keywords. The other queries on the topic list can be of assistance to you.

4.      Find articles using your keyword suggestions

You can start by using a search engine to see what you can find, but avoid using articles that don’t meet your instructor’s standards for reliable sources.

5.      Use links to locate reliable sources

One piece of advice is to click on the links in general-interest articles that take you to primary sources and research articles. You can also use the resources at your library to find more scholarly publications.

6.      Write your essay as per my guidelines

Writing argument essays, easy ways to write a thesis sentence, and how to write a paper without making common errors.

How to Pick a Good Technology Research Paper Topic

The technology topics that students decide on should not be tedious or overdone. Innovative and captivating subjects inspire and pique readers’ interest. They encourage people to read entire essays or papers. Our assignment writers advise that you take the following factors into account when selecting technology research topics:

Students should select engaging technology project  topics within their academic disciplines. A student’s interest and passion in a subject related to their field of study make it simpler for them to explore the available themes and information.

  • Clarity – Easy to understand, research, and write about topics make for the best technical presentation topics. They are also well supported by evidence.
  • A research paper is a well-written, precise piece of writing. As a result, the subject of choice needs to be supported by precise facts.
  • Trending technological topics encourage creative thinking in students. They make it possible for them to approach the problem from various angles.

Research Topics on Technology

AI Topics on Technology

Researching artificial intelligence is a good idea because it is a topic that is currently of such importance. Consider the following suggestions for artificial intelligence research topics:

  • What are the most significant spheres in which machine learning is applied?
  • Which machine learning algorithm is the best?
  • Examine the differences between supervised and unsupervised machine learning.
  • Reinforcement learning algorithms for machines
  • Deep learning is a subset of machine learning.
  • Deep learning and synthetic neural networks
  • How do artificial neural networks function?
  • Algorithms for model-free and model-based reinforcement learning are contrasted.
  • Comparison of single- and multi-agent reinforcement learning
  • What types of exchanges do social robots have with people?
  • Robotics at NASA
  • Natural language processing and chatbots
  • What kind of natural language is produced by natural language processing?
  • Natural language processing as opposed to machine learning
  • The use of artificial intelligence in computer vision.
  • Autonomous vehicles are computer vision applications.
  • Suggestions for recommender systems
  • Collaborative filtering versus content-based recommendation in recommender systems
  • The link between artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things
  • How much data are Internet of Things devices producing?

Computer Science Research Topics

If you need inspiration for your thesis or are simply getting ready for a speech, take a look at this list of computer science and engineering research topics:

  • How does virtual reality affect how people perceive things?
  • Computer-Assisted Learning’s Future
  • Computer science and modeling of high-dimensional data
  • Declarative versus imperative programming languages
  • Using blockchain and AI to improve algorithmic rules
  • The banking sector and blockchain technology
  • How does machine architecture impact the productivity of code?
  • Languages for parallel computing
  • What function does mesh generation serve in various computational contexts?
  • Techniques for enhancing long-term data structures
  • Sensor networks versus cyber-physical systems
  • Case Study: Non-Photorealistic Rendering in Computer Graphics
  • System programming language evolution
  • Game theory and network economics
  • How has computational thinking affected science?
  • Functional analysis utilizing computer science theory
  • The most effective cryptographic protocols
  • A list of software security categories
  • Is phishing something that can be eliminated?
  • Floating point and programming languages

Computer Science and Research Technology Ideas

What impact has COVID-19 had on medical technology? What long-term effects will this have on our ability to fight off cancer and other viruses?

  • What long-term effects are there of residing in a technologically advanced world? Is this primarily negative or positive?
  • Do younger children inhabit a different reality than do college-age students? What distinguishes it from others, and what does it mean to them?
  • What is the most important new technology for solving world problems?
  • How has social media contributed to creating and resolving issues in nations other than the United States?
  • Can governments with tight control over citizens’ access to the Internet and social media, such as those in China and North Korea, continue to do so?
  • How do social media, texting, mobile devices, and the Internet contribute to the world’s shrinking? Smaller?
  • What effects will growing technological globalization have on the world economy?
  • Because technology is advancing so quickly, we frequently use computers, software programs, and other tools that have annoying bugs and issues. Exists a way out?
  • How does how we interact with machines differ depending on our social interactions with others?
  • At what point does genetically modifying your child become unethical?
  • How have COVID shutdowns, online education, and remote work affected how we interact with technology?
  • How will online education impact students’ learning?
  • Should the Internet be regulated or censored? And if so, what kind?
  • Do digital tools affect our ability to work productively?
  • How much harm does the emergence of new technologies cause?
  • In twenty years, how will technology affect our lives?
  • Should people have identity chips inserted beneath their skin?
  • Should everyone have access to technological advancements on an equal basis?
  • Can video games aid in the resolution of world problems?
  • What sets brains apart from computers?
  • Are genetically modified foods healthier than organic foods?
  • What capabilities do technologies for genetically modified food have? What distinguishes this approach from conventional plant breeding techniques?
  • Should we sate our hunger with genetically modified foods?
  • Should everyone have undergone this procedure to learn about potential future health risks now that human genes can be sequenced? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • In the event that genetic testing is conducted, who has the right to that data? Should employers and healthcare providers have access to this information?
  • When and how should parents disclose their children’s genetic information to the child?
  • What kind of genetic data about their children should parents look for, and how might this impact their upbringing?
  • Should we allow self-driving cars on the road?
  • What future changes might there be in travel?
  • Is working from home more commonplace due to information technology and the Internet?

Reproduction-related research paper topics in technology

  • What is the best way for infertile couples to conceive a child?
  • Should there be no restrictions on the study of mechanical reproduction technology?
  • What happens to frozen embryos that the donating couple will not use?
  • Should the “adoption” of frozen embryos be promoted to a broader audience?
  • Is it morally acceptable to reproduce mechanically?
  • Is there a difference between raising biological and adopted children?
  • How should we approach the problem of unintended pregnancies?
  • What sets a mother or father apart from the other?
  • What kind of regulation should be put in place for infertility technologies?
  • Should health insurance provide coverage for infertility treatments?
  • How far is “too far” in terms of reproductive technologies?
  • Should we use cloning and surrogate parenting to try to bring back extinct species?
  • My Gamete, Your Gamete: A report on the donation of sperm and eggs
  • How significant is a genetic connection to your offspring?
  • Do egg donors’ kids have the right to be in a relationship with them?
  • Should sperm and egg donors receive payment?
  • Should recipients of donated sperm or eggs be allowed to connect with them?
  • Should there be a cap on the number of children a sperm donor can have?
  • Surrogates’ Curious Lives: Investigating the motivations behind some women’s decision to use a surrogate.
  • Is having a child through surrogacy a good option for a couple?
  • Is it true that surrogacy is heavily advertised to military wives?
  • What rights should children have in situations involving surrogate pregnancy?
  • Should surrogates be used for all purposes or just for health-related purposes?
  • Is carrying another person’s child morally, right?
  • Should international surrogacy be subject to laws?

Research Topics on Pharmaceutical Technologies

  • The Beating Heart Donors: The process of organ transplantation is covered.
  • What can we do to improve organ donation for all parties?
  • At what point is someone deemed dead? What does the word “death” mean? Should we change the way we define “brain death”?
  • Should painkillers be given to organ donors?
  • Should we donate our organs to benefit our loved ones and ourselves?
  • Are organ donors bothered by pain?
  • How can we best address the lack of organ donors by replacing missing organs?
  • How Pig Guts Became the Next Great Hope for Regenerating Human Limbs
  • Will human limb regeneration be possible in our lifetimes?
  • How can those who have lost a limb be helped the most effectively?
  • Is using animal tissue on humans morally, right?
  • Will the use of embryonic stem cells become obsolete due to technological advancements, or is it necessary?
  • Should the National Institutes of Health (which typically funds research projects without applicable practical applications) allocate more funding to practical research projects that directly assist individuals with their medical needs?
  • Should we weigh the costs of treating returning wounded soldiers when deciding whether to go to war?
  • The Bypass Cure: Discusses recent research demonstrating the ability of gastric bypass surgery to reverse diabetes.
  • How can the US growing Type 2 diabetes epidemic be combated most successfully?
  • What is the best course of action for treating severe obesity?
  • Should bypass surgery be used as a standard treatment for type 2 diabetes?
  • What is the underlying reason for the recent rise in diabetes cases in the US?
  • What proportion of type 2 diabetes and obesity is inherited versus what proportion is acquired?
  • Should those who suffer from diabetes, obesity, or other illnesses shell out more money for medical care?
  • the use of genetic engineering technologies
  • Research Connections in Human Genetic Engineering
  • Children with three genetically modified parents (two short articles explaining this)
  • Reverse Eugenics: Selecting an Embryo with a Disability
  • A woman with the audacity to give birth to a Neanderthal child is required.
  • The Human Genome Project fact sheets
  • Is human cloning a good or bad idea?
  • Should cloning humans be outlawed?
  • What sets humans apart?
  • What bearing does religion or spirituality have on decisions involving reproductive technology?
  • What impact does cloning have on the value of human life?
  • What is the best way to deal with the problem of genetic diseases?
  • Is there a limit to the potential of genetic engineering?
  • Who ought to decide how genetic engineering should be applied?
  • How can genetic engineering technologies best benefit people?
  • Which genetic engineering initiatives need the most support?
  • Technology and Human Identity
  • Experiments, medicine, and identity in humans
  • Should human life be given more importance than animal life?
  • What does the dignity of human life actually entail, and how should we uphold it in medical settings?
  • Who sets the parameters for medical research?
  • Should there be restrictions on the scientific study of humans?
  • Students Are Shocked by DNA Testing
  • “I was Numb: Family Secrets Uncovered by DNA Testing”
  • How DNA Testing Affects Race Identification
  • What should people do if DNA tests reveal family secrets?
  • Should our racial identity be determined by our DNA, appearance, choices, families, or cultural environment?
  • How important is DNA information in determining who we are?
  • Is it advisable to have ancestry DNA tested?
  • Should multiracial individuals be more prevalent?
  • Techniques for Leaving Your Body: Covers techniques for leaving your body, including virtual reality and other out-of-body technologies.
  • What exactly is the self, and can we learn about it through science?
  • Is science the ultimate judge of our identity? Will new technology have an Inception effect where people can’t distinguish between in-body and out-of-body experiences?
  • How will technology that uses virtual reality impact our lives?
  • Will virtual reality dominate the future?
  • Should research into virtual reality be capped?
  • What uses and benefits do virtual reality technologies have?
  • The Switched On Brain: Describes research on using light waves to treat mental illnesses.
  • Is it moral to use technology like light to manipulate brains?
  • How crucial is it to find non-pharmacological treatments for mental illness?
  • How can mental illness be treated most successfully?
  • Has the prevalence of mental illness in the US increased due to the increased use of technology?
  • If it were possible, should technologies be used to combat drug addiction?
  • Should we try to manipulate the brain using technology?
  • What social effects might mind-control technologies have?

Technology and Interactions

  • Are you ruining your social life by “Phubbing”? through James Roberts
  • Has social media had a positive or negative impact on our relationships?
  • How crucial is it to regulate and restrict our use of social media?
  • Is there a need for concern regarding technology addiction?
  • Do social media distractions at work have a negative effect?
  • Is communication within families, friends, or romantic relationships harmed or helped by the media?
  • How should relationships manage technology?
  • How can you maintain a close relationship the most effectively?
  • When Texting Is Wrong by Randy Cohen was published in the New York Times.
  • Is using technology in college classrooms a good or bad idea?
  • How can teachers most successfully incorporate social media into their lessons?
  • How can teachers use technology in the classroom most successfully?
  • Should social restrictions exist on cell phone use in the workplace or schools?
  • How are technological advancements changing how people communicate at work?
  • Has texting and social media hurt this generation’s capacity for face-to-face communication?
  • Do social media and mobile devices strengthen family ties?
  • How has texting changed the way we interact with one another?
  • What dangers come along with texting?
  • When is texting deemed impolite? Has this generation become less respectful of others as a result of texting? Who makes the decisions?
  • How and why should people take care of their profiles on social media?
  • Should access to social profiles by a university or employer be restricted?
  • Should teachers impose restrictions on their students’ use of social media?
  • How ought business people behave on Facebook and other social media sites?
  • Should the privacy policies for social media be expanded?
  • How significant should social media profiles be in hiring and other decisions?
  • Issuing someone for remarks made on social media sites ever justified?

War Technological Topics

  • How the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affected drone technology in the United States
  • The Impact of Technology on Intelligence Gathering
  • Living with the Bomb: The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Consciousness by Mark Selden
  • Living with the Bomb from National Geographic
  • How has drone warfare changed the way we think about war?
  • Does advancing military technology make us safer?
  • Does having more weapons make people safer?
  • How much money should be allocated to military research in the US to produce more effective weapons?
  • If a nuclear bomb was dropped today, what would happen?
  • How should the US and other nations handle the development of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea?
  • Is it time to disarm our nuclear arsenal?
  • How has the technology used in contemporary warfare changed how we view war?
  • Is the world becoming safer thanks to technology or not?
  • Should drones be used in modern warfare?
  • What impact does removing individuals from enemy contact have?
  • Will nanobot drones be the future’s weapons?

Information Communication Research Topics

  • Does Google Make Us Ignorant? published in the Atlantic Monthly by Nicholas Carr
  • Does technology have an impact on how we read?
  • Is it possible that readers skim information online rather than fully digest it?
  • Is being able to find information quickly online a good or bad thing?
  • How are intelligence levels determined?
  • What effects do we see from Google searches?
  • How should technology be incorporated into education?
  • How crucial can schools incorporate new technologies like iPads, Smart Boards, social media, and others into the classroom?
  • Is there a kind of intelligence that, in the digital age, is being lost and that can only be developed through traditional reading and research?
  • If Google favors its brand of information, are we getting the best results when we search?
  • Does the Internet Make You Smarter? is a Wall Street Journal article by Clay Shirky.
  • Should information-providing websites like Wikipedia, which frequently contain unreliable information, be regulated?
  • Are blogs better than books?
  • How crucial is it that today’s youth learn how to conduct traditional research?
  • Is it necessary for parents and schools to promote or forbid media use?
  • What sets reading on digital devices apart from reading on paper?
  • Will the generation born in the digital age be more competent or dumber?
  • Does Google affect the attention spans of young people?
  • Is it improper to use technology for leisure?

Computer science and robotics Technology Paper Topics

  • How Google is becoming a “Machine Learning First” Company (Wired)
  • I tried machine learning because Google says it’s the future (The Guardian)
  • In cloud computing, where does the distinction between software and hardware exist?
  • What effects would moving everything to the cloud have?
  • Can robots learn reinforcement learning to increase their intelligence and resemble humans?
  • With open-source software growing in popularity in computer science, how can programmers safeguard a device?
  • What effects will bioinformatics and big data have on biology?
  • What is machine learning exactly, and how significant is it?
  • In what areas will machine learning have the most impact?
  • What will the effects of virtualization be on entertainment?
  • How will virtual reality affect schooling?
  • Is virtual reality harmful or beneficial?
  • What will the Internet look like in the future? What can be done to enhance the Internet?
  • What will happen if humans lose control of many of our tasks to computers?
  • What will programming languages be the most significant in the coming years?
  • What features must a new computer language have to outperform existing languages?
  • How will robots affect healthcare?

Energy and Power Technology Research Topics

Energy and Power touch on politics, economics, and pure science, in contrast to many technology-related topics. The second-most arbitrated economics case is energy and power disputes, just after construction disputes.

But there is no disputing the importance of energy and Power in science and practice. Writing research papers is not out of the question because there has been more cooperation in recent years between energy and other tech-related disciplines.

Therefore, if you need to complete an energy/power research assignment, this section will give you fantastic topic ideas and scopes from which to choose. The subjects are all current and pertinent to the requirements of the assignments given today.

Get information on topics like chemicals, power industries, automobiles, and more.

  • The creation of stationary Power through the use of fuel cells
  • Energy density
  • Batteries made of lithium-ion and lithium-air
  • Gasoline’s advantage over lithium-air batteries
  • Renewable energy technology
  • The advantages and disadvantages of utilizing renewable energy
  • Algae and biofuel
  • Solar power installations in India
  • Adapting solar panels to changing weather conditions using robots
  • Inertial confinement and energy fusion
  • Hydrogen Energy’s Future
  • Alternative energy sources in light of the rising cost of gasoline
  • The application of energy transformation techniques to hydrogen energy
  • Systems for alternating current and thermal storage
  • Smart grid load balancing

Diagnostic and medical tools

Diagnostics and medical devices are rapidly developing fields and offer a wealth of research opportunities. Numerous tools are available to help doctors treat and manage their patients, but it cannot be said that all of these tools yield the best outcomes. This is where research projects come into play.

Like medical devices, medical diagnoses are a subject of intense research. Because diagnoses are made possible by cutting-edge technology developed by professionals, diagnostic research and medical devices are closely related.

The most recent medical device and diagnosis research books will be examined in this section.

  • How are pharmaceuticals and medical devices different?
  • How will diagnostics support treatment in 2022?
  • The Development of Hidden Vulnerabilities in the Era of Genetic Diagnostics
  • In what ways are smart medical carts altering the medical landscape?
  • The Potential of AI in Smart Medical Equipment
  • The Regulation of Medical Equipment
  • Should Life-Changing Medical Decisions Be Based on Private Diagnoses?
  • Genetic tests, in vitro devices, and diagnostic tests
  • 3D and 4D printing in biomedicine
  • Innovation in Screening, Biosensing, and Minimally Invasive Therapies: Complex Networks and Data-driven Models
  • Are medical devices causing the health sector to grow into a tiny, interconnected powerhouse?
  • Improvements in Therapeutic and Diagnostic Device Techniques
  • What precisely are intra-body sensing and communication?
  • Using smart devices to collect data in neuroscience
  • The Contribution of Smartphone-Enabled Point-of-Care Diagnostic and Communication Systems

Pharmaceutical Technology Research Topics

Pharmaceutical technology is one of the primary beneficiaries of this advancement in medicine, which has continued to advance with medical technology and has grown more rapidly in the last 20 years than it did centuries ago. The COVID-19 pandemic showed that pharmaceutical technology has virtually limitless potential as long as the research is conducted in the area.

As a result, many different research topics and projects can be pursued in this area, and the opportunities are almost endless. This section includes a list of some of these topics to help research students find excellent topics they can work on for the best results. Although only 15, they cover a wide range of topics, allowing the researcher to select what they want to focus on.

  • Specialty drugs and pharmaceutical technologies
  • Pharmacy trends and earlier electronic authorization technology
  • Effectiveness and management of medication therapy
  • Electronic prescription of a controlled substance is a drug abuse prevention measure.
  • Controlling prescription drug therapy and sharing health data
  • How efficient and effective is a program for tracking prescription drug use?
  • Standard NCPDP script for specialty pharmacies
  • The patient’s excitement regarding real-time pharmacy
  • The creation of AIDS drugs and vaccines
  • Medical technology and data security
  • DNA Library Technology Overview
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry and Cloud ERP
  • The use of cannabidiol as a painkiller in the future
  • Phenotypic screening in drug discovery
  • Benefits of cloud computing for startups in the pharmaceutical industry

Food Technology Topics

Due to the significance of food to living organisms, food research assignments and theses have been conducted for decades, if not centuries. This trend is anticipated to continue in 2022 with the addition of new research topics. Here are some incredible subject suggestions from which you can select and provide a mind-blowing research project.

  • Equipment used in the food sector
  • Food manufacturing and 3D printing
  • Micro Packaging’s Future
  • How robots may affect butchery safety
  • The use of 3D printed food to treat swallowing disorders.
  • How can food waste and food technology be solved?
  • Biofilms and cold plasma
  • Drones and precision agriculture
  • The use of temperature timers in the food industry
  • The microbiome of the human gut, additives, and preservatives
  • Conventional and hydroponic agriculture
  • Elimination of byproducts in the production of edible oil
  • Modern technology and the baking sector
  • Electronic noses are employed in the food and agricultural industries.
  • Food safety

Technology Topics on Education

The most significant assignment and thesis that college students must consider relating to technology in education and its subsequent research. With the introduction of numerous gadgets and intelligent equipment, education technology has continued to advance and support better learning.

This section will examine some of the most significant research works in education from which technology students can select and carry out top-notch research.

  • How does computational thinking enhance students’ critical thinking?
  • How does college students’ professional development affect them?
  • How technology affects academic research
  • The value of technology in advancing scientific inquiry
  • The use of virtual reality to help students understand complex concepts
  • The effects of technology-based global learning on academic standards
  • Data centers’ role in education
  • Socioemotional learning and cultural awareness
  • System of artificial intelligence and education
  • Can sufficient national scientific, technological, and innovation capacities be built?
  • How inclusive is the design of the learning system?
  • Student-centered learning
  • The effects of connectivity on learning and schools, especially in rural areas
  • Energy sources: technological implications and educational applications
  • The advantages and disadvantages of community colleges

Controversial Technology Research Topics

As the name suggests, controversial technology issues are among the most thoroughly studied in science. How well does technology affect the natural world and the global community? The basis for controversial technology topics is this. As you start your research assignment, see 15 different technology topics.

  • Can Human Trials Accelerate the Improvement of Drugs and Medicines?
  • Medical Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Is It Legal?
  • The reasons why young children shouldn’t be exposed to the internet and social media devices
  • In What Ways Is Technology Ruining the World Ecosystem?
  • Is technology destroying the world’s climate?
  • How has technology affected the amount of radiation and dwindling global resources?
  • Is Internet access due to technology increasing gang initiation?
  • What Impact Does Social Media Have on Children and Young Adult Mortality Rates?
  • Depression and Technology Interaction
  • Human genome editing using CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)
  • High-tech military weapons have the potential to end the world.
  • Technological research topics on the advantages and disadvantages of space colonization for Mother Earth
  • Is it an invasion of privacy when law enforcement uses covert cameras?
  • How can virtual reality become the new reality if it is developed?
  • The Successes of Cochlear Implant Research


This article demonstrates that for people to quickly understand the basis of an assignment, draft the topic and scope, and obtain top-notch resources for completing the projects, technology topics on research papers require a thorough understanding of technological and scientific concepts. This article defined technical research papers, provided instructions for writing them, and provided a long list of possible technology topics. As a result, if you abide by the instructions, you will succeed in finishing your project.

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