The Scope of Nursing





The Scope of Nursing

Nursing is diverse; therefore, different people will describe it in different ways, depending on their knowledge, and/or their experience in the field. Having a great interest in nursing, I consider nursing as both an art, and a science. This is because of the nature of the nursing process, which is core to nursing. This process employs scientific concepts, as well as concepts found in the arts field. In the practice of nursing, nurses play a major role, as these are responsible for the promotion of optimal health and prevention of sicknesses in the lifespan of their clients. They also play a professional role of caregiving, apart from acting as advocates, communicators, and educators to their clients, in different nursing contexts, including emergency care, psychiatry, among others.

Individuals interested in nursing must therefore, possess a strong personality, and integrity, to meet nursing demands. Since nursing involves a series of significant activities, those interested in it must have good organizational skills. In nursing, relationships between patients and nurses are paramount; therefore, one must have the ability to develop therapeutic relationships with patients. Numerous emergency events characterize nursing; a practitioner in this field therefore, should be capable of working effectively under pressure, as well as being in a position to address emergency events in a calm manner.

The major aim of nursing is to optimize health through disease prevention, and alleviation of suffering by diagnosing and treating human ailments. Nursing also advocates for the care of individuals and their families, as well as communities, and the broader human population. To be involved in nursing is therefore, to be part of an experience that is of the heart and soul. It weighs more than just one’s physical presence in the nursing facility. When the process of care giving by a nurse improves a patient’s health condition, the nurse experiences some sort of satisfaction and fulfillment in their work, and this makes nursing unique.

To me, nursing means adding value to my community and society as a whole. It is a chance to experience, and to be part of the scientific, and medical progress, which is life changing to many people’s health status. This is therefore, a continuous process of learning, as each day, there will be a new development, which I can be part of. Being a never-ending learning and development experience, my passion for nursing will not cease. I also consider nursing as a chance to view life from a different perspective and learn to appreciate life. It also means having a chance to experience the “miracles” in human health. Providing care to a sick person and seeing them well the next moment is satisfying.

Nursing means more than a well-paid career to me. It is a process that will also contribute to my personal development. For instance, I will become more aware of my personal health, and learn to manage my health issues appropriately. Most importantly, nursing will give me a chance to develop further my skills and experience in this field, for my own good and good of the society. Nursing also means an opportunity to live my dreams and personal ambitions. Given my passion for nursing, I will enjoy learning nursing concepts and actively participate in applying them in different settings. I am convinced that nursing does not solely depend on my academic qualifications and ability to perform the job, but also on ability to leave a mark in this profession, no matter how small. Nursing encompasses both medical science and the humanity aspect; this therefore, provides me a vast opportunity of having an influence in the nursing field.




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