Write an entry essay for the school of nursing for FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

ok so I have to write an entry essay for the school of nursing for FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

Im not a bad writer but I am pressed for time this week so need all the help I can get.
Basically its 500 words describing myself, my professional, and life goals, and reason for wanting to become a registered nurse.

Here are facts of me to put in the essay

I am 24 years old recently graduated from Florida International University with a degree in health science and minor in biology. Born and raised in Miami fl. I speak both english and spanish(bilingual) and also have a sister who recently graduated from FIU as well with her doctorate in physical therapy. Me and my sister are the first to attend and graduate college.

Through college me my sister were faced with my mom having breast cancer and faced major adversity to help and support her through her time in need. Being next to her in the hospital while nurses took great care of her, I observed how great they made my mom feel. I noticed that there was a great deal of heart that was placed among the profession of nursing and the skill that it entails. The fact that i could only do so much to help my mom made me feel in a way useless but also empowered. I did everything i could to make my mom feel better but knew right there that nursing was the career for me. After many treatments my mom was finally cancer free and a cancer surviver.

My goals are to continue my education at FIU and if considered for the BSN nursing program, I also intend to pursue a masters in nursing as well. My life time goal is to become a CRNA which is a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

It only needs to be a 2 pages and no references. Thank you for your help.




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