A research proposal is standard for students of all levels and disciplines. Even though it is comparatively simple, it cannot be easy to start and choose an interesting topic. This article contains 255 strong recommendations on crime and law, company, finance, politics, social science, and other topics. Feel free to use this list as inspiration when writing your document. Conversely, you can look at free sample essays from our dataset and try and come up with your topic.

What is a research proposal?

First and foremost, let us define a research proposal. This assignment is similar to research but is shorter and more general. Its goal is to introduce a topic that requires a more in-depth discussion. The student must demonstrate that this issue warrants further investigation. Typically, professors will assign you this task to practice before working on a larger format.

A typical research proposal includes three major sections: an introduction, a review of the literature, and the methods of your future study. Please continue reading to learn more about each section and how to write them successfully.

The length of a proposed study is determined by the future paper for which you are writing it and the task requirements. It can range from four to thirty pages in length. Finally, all proposed measures should adhere to the standards of the citation style requested by your professor.

You should also be aware of the distinction between a qualitative and quantitative research proposal. The first collects non-numerical data, while the second displays numerical data. A qualitative research proposal’s findings can be displayed as images or recordings, whereas quantitative research findings are typically displayed as graphs and tables.

Criminology research proposal topics

Today, equality-related issues are being discussed in many fields of study. Criminology is no different. The most popular topics are crimes against women, children, minorities, mass killings, racial discrimination, etc. Discover more interesting criminology law research plan topics in our list below!

  1. The criminal procedure law.
  2. I recognize sexual harassment law in action.
  3. A three-strikes law to deter violent crimes.
  4. Cases of domestic violence are investigated.
  5. Criminal investigations and search warrants
  6. Legalization and criminalization of marijuana
  7. The links between mental illness and criminal behaviour.
  8. Theories of criminal behaviour and contributing factors
  9. Police corruption and criminal profiling
  10. Is criminal behaviour genetically determined?

Criminal justice research proposal topics

It can be a complex process to bring criminals to justice. There are numerous unexpected and contentious issues that institutions must consider when resolving specific cases. We prepared a list of crime control research proposal topics on which to focus. See the list below.

  1. The case of Susie and Perry in criminal law.
  2. Pulling the trigger: an examination of criminal gun laws
  3. The ethics of the death penalty
  4. The distinction between war crimes and civil crimes
  5. Criminal justice system pre-trial procedures
  6. Criminal procedure in juvenile detention.
  7. The impact of plea bargaining law on criminal justice.
  8. In the justice system, a false confession.
  9. The disparity in criminal justice laws between states.
  10. Singleton vs Norris: Expert Ethics in Criminology

Business research proposal topics

Advertising, finance, recruitment, business studies, and other disciplines are part of the business world. We chose 60 business project paper items relating to each of them for this section. First, let’s look at some general business-related ideas.

  1. Quality and environmental management for business success
  2. Management of small businesses and entrepreneurship
  3. How can smaller companies deal with financial insecurity?
  4. Quantitative methods in business for quality management
  5. The most effective sales pitch strategies.
  6. General and business strategies of the SAS Institute
  7. Corporatism and free market concerns
  8. The influence of leadership abilities on business management.
  9. The trade war between China and the United States.
  10. Globalization’s impact on small businesses.

Topics for human resource management research proposals

Any business focuses more on individuals than it on a specific product. Hiring the right people and guiding them through their careers is difficult because problems can arise from nowhere. Discuss one of the human resource management research proposal topics from our list below and shed any light on the issues that are important to you.

  1. Social responsibility and business ethics
  2. Business ethics: child labour in the chocolate industry
  3. Human resources: company social media policies.
  4. Best strategies for hiring the right people.
  5. Management of human resources and organizations
  6. How do you handle overqualified employees?
  7. We are bringing human resources and business strategy together.
  8. A human resource manager’s responsibility in terms of talent acquisition and management.
  9. Changes in healthcare human resource management.
  10. What are the most desirable fringe benefits for employees today?

Good research proposal topics

Writing a research project can be more enjoyable if you present a topic in which you are sincerely interested. There is much to discuss, whether it is partisanship or psychology. In this section, you can select an exciting topic for a research project on various topics and issues. Let’s take a look at what we chose for you!

Education research proposal topics

Education is an important part of one’s life and development. Furthermore, we spend most of our youth analyzing and preparing for our future lives. So why not end up making the most of this opportunity? Views on the ideal study process have shifted dramatically in recent years. Share your thoughts on the following educational research proposal topics:

  1. Bullying at school is a current issue for teenagers.
  2. Opportunities for math and science in a daycare centre.
  3. Authoritarian teachers: traditional behaviour or relics of the past?
  4. A school-aged child’s psychological development
  5. Should students take sex education classes in school?
  6. Six reasons schooling is not free.
  7. Personal experiences with high school challenges.
  8. Will schools cease to exist in the future?
  9. Factors influencing the use of technology in schools.
  10. Techniques for making the learning process more practical.

Sociology research proposal topics

Because society is constantly changing, new issues emerge all the time. Today, we talk about gender, race, gender identity, and ethnic minorities more than at any other time in human history. What will the outcome of this discussion be? We recommend that you express your thoughts on one of the social science research proposal topics!

  1. The ideal culture and its components.
  2. Substance abuse and its impact on the family
  3. Gender bias: Would the world ever get rid of it?
  4. Parasocial partnerships and purchasing habits
  5. The beginnings of vandalism
  6. Increasing community resistance to suicide.
  7. The involvement of religion in modern society
  8. The impacts of ethnic minorities on the dominant nation.
  9. Sexual preference as a socially constructed reality
  10. How does global warming affect society?

Psychology research proposal topics

Today’s youth are more concerned about their mental well-being than previous generations. Is that for the better? Knowing what’s happening inside your head can significantly impact your overall quality of life. This is a genuinely life-altering experience. Nervousness, depression, OCD, ADHD, and PTSD are hot topics. We have prepared fifteen psychologist research plan topics for your consideration.

  1. Treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.
  2. Stress reduction through mindfulness.
  3. The distinction between clinical depression and situational depression
  4. The idea of brain plasticity
  5. Why is anxiety so prevalent today?
  6. Food and mental health: connections and consequences
  7. Adolescent mental health and childhood relationships
  8. In psychological practice, there are eight defence mechanisms.
  9. What effect do political regimes have on mental health?
  10. Diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression

Topics for biology research proposals

Do you want to know what’s going on inside one’s body or the body of another living being? If you’re studying biology, the biological research proposal topics listed below will come in handy! We chose topics for papers on bacteria, cells, biotechnology innovations, and other topics.

  1. Bacterial differentiation: endospore and acid-fast staining
  2. The causes of common plant diseases
  3. Water therapies and the highest plant height
  4. Characteristics of underwater life.
  5. Animal camouflage techniques
  6. Agricultural biotech and its benefits and drawbacks
  7. Hormones and our well-being
  8. bacteria lab: enhanced, selective, and differential media
  9. Mammal homosexuality
  10. Is household registration harmful to raccoons?

Mental health research proposal topics

Public healthcare is becoming more accessible and effective as governmental systems and devices advance, but many issues remain to be resolved. We discovered some interesting research proposal themes in nursing and other medical disciplines.

  1. Obesity epidemiology.
  2. Is addiction unavoidable?
  3. Nursing social media: pitfalls and opportunities
  4. Can music be used as a treatment?
  5. The benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence in healthcare.
  6. What can Chinese traditional medicine teach the West?
  7. National patient safety objectives: critical care access
  8. The effects of positive body movement on the obesity rate

Research proposal topics for college students

There are numerous interesting topics to debate during their college or university years. We chose ideas for your paper related to various subjects and study areas. Feel free to investigate any subjects for an undergrad degree research proposal that pique your interest.

  1. Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby.”
  2. Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice.”
  3. Shakespeare’s Masterpieces: Why They Are Important.
  4. Political philosophies and their distinctions
  5. Gender development.
  6. Gender and race in public relations
  7. Why is it so difficult to achieve comprehensive democracy?
  8. Should people under the age of 18 get tattoos?
  9. Is it acceptable to live with one’s parents after 30?
  10. Body positivity and fat acceptance

Bottom line

Hopefully, the list of research proposal ideas provided in this blog post will assist you in developing an excellent research proposal. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require a customized research project or any other unique proposal topic. Our team includes skilled research proposal writers who can assist you in creating a successful research proposal. In addition to writing, we will assist you in selecting the best subject matter for your research project from your chosen field of study.




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