Create and test a health informatics product or process.


Create and test a health informatics product or process.

The aim of this assignment is to create a new health informatics product or process for use in a particular health environment and to take this through at least two design cycles. For clarity, the word ‘product’ will be used throughout these guidelines.

Type of product – this is entirely at the discretion of the student as long as it can be demonstrated that it could clearly be defined as an element of health informatics.
It is suggested that three issues be taken into account when choosing a product:
That there is some sort of needs assessment undertaken as a rationale for creating the product
That the type of product is suited to the students particular talents and experiences
That the product is at least new to the environment for which the product is designed.

Examples of such products could be (but not limited to):

A website for a particular purpose

Design cycle – The product should be taken through at least two ‘assess – plan – implement – evaluate’ type cycle. Where time and circumstances allow, further cycles are encouraged. Project management models may be used but are not a compulsory element.

• The test subjects should be confined to close colleagues, peers, friends or family.
• It should be thought of as an ‘alpha test’.
• Evaluation should be kept informal and must not involve direct patient care.
• It is important that the assignment is not perceived by anyone as a research
process – patients, in particular, should not be approached or involved in any way. This is beyond the scope of this assignment and would introduce research governance and ethics approval.
• Where testing in a work environment, gain the permission of the appropriate manager but ensure that it is understood that it is informal.

Journal – It is highly recommended that the student keep a journal throughout the design and test process. The journal should record each stage of the process, including thoughts, reflections and reactions of others. The journal itself will not be submitted but will prove an important source for the portfolio.

Portfolio – This is the representation of the design cycle which is submitted. The portfolio in this case may be regarded as a collection of evidence for the stages of the design process. The evidence may include (but not be limited to):
References to appropriate literature
Video clips
Copies of communications
Reflective accounts
Feedback from test subjects

Although the portfolio will reflect the design process in action, a descriptive step by step journal type account is best avoided. It should be equivalent to 4000 words, although it is accepted that this only a rough guide. The effort put into the design itself is considered part of the assignment.

( all information will be uploaded in files )




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