Describe a nursing-practice situation in which you experienced the transformations of DIKW.

Describe a nursing-practice situation in which you experienced the transformations of DIKW. Example: Each day I use the data, information, knowledge, and wisdom pathway in my practice; however, I usually don’t take time to appreciate the order of steps when translating data into practice. A nursing-practice situation that comes to mind specifically would be the treatment of a traumatic head injury patient using data from neuromonitoring devices. Data- Intracranial pressure (ICP) of 23mmHg via a clamped intraventricular drain with a cerebral perfusion pressure of 49mmHg and serum sodium of 136mEq/L. Information- 18 year old male who was 3 days into admission with craniotomy on admission, ICPs had been within normal limits since surgery but had been slowly trending up within the past 2 hours. Patient was upright in neutral position without any aggravating stimuli and neurological exam stable. Knowledge- Given that patient has not had a decompressive craniectomy, the ICP was higher than acceptable limits and the patient was not receiving adequate cerebral perfusion. He was in the point of maximal swelling time for head injuries and if untreated the increased ICP could have lead to hindered blood flow to the brain, further tissue insult, and worst case brain herniation. Wisdom- The intracranial pressure had to be relieved so based off of prior experience with similar cases, evidence and collaboration with the neurosurgery team, the intraventricular drain was opened to drain cerebrospinal fluid at 15cmH2O and the patient was given 500cc of 3% hypertonic sodium chloride for immediate intervention. The ICP was reduced to 12mmHg and the CPP was increased to 65mmHg, making the intervention effective. The DIKW pathway helps facilitates the conversion of raw data into the wisdom needed to make sound clinical decisions by nurses and provides to treat and care for patients. McGonigle, Hunter, Sipes, and Hebda suggest as nurses discover data and process it into information and knowledge, they build the wisdom required to effectively impact patients in a positive manner (2014). Reference:




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