Discuss the process and significance of a mental health assessment and possible findings from the case study for the purpose of treatment and recovery.


Case Study – Altered mood (depression)
Case details below:
– Mary, 41 year old female
– Lives with her husband and three children ( John 17, Philip 14 and Sarah 10)
– Mary works as an accounts manager in a large organisation and loves her work.
– Supportive husband and married for 18 years.
– Mary has moments of despair, she is tearful, has little or no energy to move from her bed.
– Mary believes she is a burden to her family.
– Lacks motivation to complete simple activities such as eating and getting dressed.
– In the past, she looked smart, showered on a daily basis, over the last month family have noticed her personal hygiene has deteriorated.
– Mary is currently on sick leave from work.
– Often talks of feeling worthless and hopeless.
– She is having difficulty sleeping.
– Mary belongs to the local church and attends every week.
– She is physically well with no known medical history.
– At 39 she was diagnosed with clinical depression. She was hospitalised for 5 weeks, however no further admissions.
– Mary has previously taken Citalopram antidepressant but not for over 12 months as she feels she does not need it.
– She has achieved appropriate developmental milestones.
– Mary has no drug, alcohol or smoking history.
– Care is self-managed in collaboration with her doctor.
– Her mother has lived with depression for 35 years.
– Family are concerned and reluctant for her to be re-admitted against her wishes as she feels there is nothing wrong with her and doesn’t want to cause anyone any trouble.
– Introduction: (5%) sound grasp of case, outline scope and purpose, description of steps that will be implemented to reach conclusion.
Clearly link, identify and address the following points (relate to specific case):
– A comprehensive understanding of mental health, mental illness and the principles of recovery. (20%)
– The connection between mental health and physical health. (20%)
– Recognises, identifies and responds to the mental health needs of the identified person, that are nursing and case study specific, strategies supported by references (20%) i.e. must include implications for practice as a future health professional. (10%)

Conculsion: (5%) logically drawn from discussion, related to case study’s aims, summary of main points.

References: extensive range of peer-reviewed (journal articles) sources appropriate to case study. Preferably Australian references were possible and no older than 5 years, 8 years at the very most. No less than 10 references.

Below is a list of 10 possible areas to help guide the essay.
You will need to identify, explore and critically analyse a maximum of THREE (I have picked 1, 2, & 3) of the following themes to add depth to the essay. Each theme must be linked to the above discussion points and the chosen case study:

1. Discuss the common presentations of the mental illness related to the case study and the stigma or attitudes that can impact on care. (write about this one please)

2 Discuss the process and significance of a mental health assessment and possible findings from the case study for the purpose of treatment and recovery.

3 Discuss the required interventions and management of the mental, physical social and cultural issues for the chosen case study.

4 Discuss the quality of life effects for the person in the case study and their carers within a recovery framework.

5 Discuss specific issues relating to the case study, e.g. safety issues, multidisciplinary involvement, consumer and carer education and community resources.

6 Discuss likely outcomes and best practice recommendations for managing the care of the person experiencing mental illness in the chosen case study.

7 Discuss contemporary issues in providing care such as access to services, consumer and carer perspectives, indigenous mental health.

8 Discuss the use of communication strategies and other therapeutic modalities in stabilising a therapeutic relationship with the person in the chosen case study.

9. Discuss the responsibilities of registered nurses to the person in the case study experiencing mental illness.




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