Discuss and summarize what the physiological and health concerns are pertaining to each patient case to fellow health care team members.

These case studies will enhance your critical thinking skills, information literacy skills, and overall course concepts. You will need to provide any references that support your answers as part of your overall case study score. Spelling and grammar will be assessed also, as it is important to maintain proper spelling of medical terms.


Your final case study will have a different format and requirements. You will be presented with three patient case studies about the reproductive system and/or pregnancy. Your submission should be 4 pages in length and should include proper formatting for references and in-text citations. This case study will be due by the end of week for Module 10. You will be tasked and responsible for explaining the following concerns and issues with each patient case student:

1.Utilizing appropriate medical terminology anatomy, briefly discuss and summarize what the physiological and health concerns are pertaining to each patient case to fellow health care team members.
2.Research and explain the various cultural, religious, and/or societal perspectives and issues that are associated with each patient case (utilizing credible and accurate references).
3. Identify possible personal or other health care team members’ values and morals that may be at odds or conflicting with each patient case that my affect professionalism and interaction with the patients.

Patient Case Scenarios

1. An unwed early 20-year-old female Muslim patient presents to the clinic with excessive cramping and bleeding during her menstrual cycle. Discuss the complications, concerns, and any other concepts associated with this scenario. How should the health care team progress? About 4 years later, she represents to the clinic married and late in her second trimester of pregnancy. After the physical examination and abnormal blood work, the doctor would like to perform an amniocentesis.

2. A 16-year-old female, whose parents are devoted Christians, presents to the clinic alone because she hasn’t had her menstrual cycle for two straight months, has abdominal-pelvic pain and a burning sensation when urinating. A urine and blood analysis confirms that she is pregnant and has the sexual transmitted disease (STD) gonorrhea. When told of her diagnosis, the teenager instantly states she wants an abortion.

3. A same sex couple, both women are 39 years of age, present to their obstetrics and gynecologist (OB/GYN) wanting to become pregnant to have a child of their own.




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