The disruption(s) associated with the digital technologies what was the status quo for how that industry(or sub-topic) was organized as a business.

Subject Company Analysis

Topic you make choose

Type Essay

Level High School

Style APA

Sources 5

Language English(U.S.)


You are to play the role of a business analyst and use the same industry that examined in your first assignment, “Through the lens”, for the project outlined below. You will conduct an analysis of that industry- or- a sub-industry/topic (for example, ‘digital currency’ can be considered a sub-topic of banking) which is focused on the technology disruptions in that industry and how that industry is adapting. You should endeavor to use the same firm as in your first assignment, however, if that is not possible then you should choose another- in some instances the firm you chose in the first assignment IS the disruptor. If you are unsure then please contact me for help.

Your analysis will address the following issues:

What is the subject (or sub-topic/industry);

Prior to the disruption(s) associated with the digital technolgies what was the status quo for how that industry(or sub-topic) was organized as a business;

What is the current state of that industry.

What are the disruptive technologies, why are they disruptive? –

how is that disruption measured?,

the impact(s) to existing businesses models and approaches to service or product delivery due to the disruptive technologies;

What has been impact on job growth/decline, profts, gross/net revenues, and whatever other metrics are necessary to understand and measure the impact;

Based-on all of the above:

What are the foreseable and likely medium and long-term impacts (2020-2025) to the industry; And finally,

Pick an existing firm that is negatively impacted by the disruption(s) you described. Briefly explain why that firm has been negatively impacted and what scale of that impact is. In other words “how bad/disruptive is it?”; finally,

Describe what would you advise the Board of Directors of that firm what to do in light of your analysis.

Regarding the technical matters of the paper itself

The analysis above should be no more than 1200 words.

Any footnotes or citations are not included as part of the word count.

Please don’t interpret this to mean that you are not required to include your in-text citations or properly identify your sources.

You must cite your evidence and therefore include a bilbliography. Unless you are a world-class expert in the subject matter you are analyzing then it is assumed that you did research- which must be cited appropriately, preferably APA.

It should be well-written and edited.

Please use the materials provided in the “Tips on Formal Writing” folder (in the Assignments area)

Use correct Template (hint its NOT template 1 or 3!)

Make sure you follow the best practices associated with the in-text citations and bibliography

In case it was not clear on the “Through the lens assignment” please note the following:

You may not use the “retail” industry to do your analysis

You may not use the “retail” industry to do your analysis

You may not use the “retail” industry to do your analysis

Spacing Double

Pages 3




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